For Kolkata Entrepreneurs, Mistakes are Important and Should be Definitely Committed

The two-day entrepreneurship summit, organised by the Calcutta chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs, has provided a platform to many budding entrepreneurs from Calcutta and eastern India.

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An entrepreneur's journey is never easy; there will be sleepless nights, countless moments of hesitation, gap between ideation and execution but at the end of the day, all the efforts will be worth it.  And most importantly, committing mistakes would be an essential phase of a successful entrepreneur. This was something which was extensively harped on and unanimously agreed at the recently held at the entrepreneurship summit TiECON 2018 organised by its Kolkata  Chapter.

Sagar Daryani, Co-founder of Wow! Momo, one of the biggest FMCG brands in Kolkata maintained why it is essential to make mistakes as ‘mistakes are the stepping stones for success and how Kolkata is slowly making progress in the entrepreneurship map of India. “We want to change the perception that Bengal and the rest of eastern India lacks a suitable entrepreneurial ecosystem,” said Sagar Daryani, founder of Wow! Momo and chairman of TiECON 2018.

The two-day entrepreneurship summit, organised by the Calcutta chapter of The Indus Entrepreneurs, has provided a platform to many budding entrepreneurs from Calcutta and eastern India. The theme of the event was The Tipping Point — Accelerating the Growth of Entrepreneurship in East India.  

Some of the dignitaries who were present are Chandsekhar Ghosh, Founder &MD, Bandhan Bank, Harshvardhan Neotia, Chairman, Ambuja Neotia, Mayank Jalan, Chairman & MD, Keventer, Sanjay Budhia, Managing Director, Patton Group, Shankaar Sen, Chairman & MD, Senco Gold & Diamonds, Viresh Oberoi, TiE Kolkata, Sagar Daryani, Co-Founder, Wow! Momo.

Viresh Oberoi, TIE President was of the view that Kolkata and India are in dire need of more entrepreneurs so that the young populace of the country should have more jobs.  In his view, it is the responsibility of the entrepreneurs to generate more jobs in the country. Talking about the function of TIE, he mentioned that it is the aim of TIE in all over the world to provide an environment so that entrepreneurs can flourish.

Harshvardhan Neotia, Chairman, Ambuja Neotia Group revealed how despite coming from a family of five- generation entrepreneurs, he had actually initiated start-ups, because his areas of interest were different. He affirmed that most of his successful ventures which were largely unplanned and how one should accept life's chances and turn them into success. “And one should always bring passion to work which will make every effort seamless. Profit according is a by-product of hard work, Neotia said

Chandrasekhar Ghosh, Founder & MD, Bandhan Bank spoke about his humble beginnings and how he left his job of 'fixed income' in an NGO and opted for an 'uncertain income'. He   dwelt on the challenges that every entrepreneur faces, the primary being financial concerns. “But if one is passionate about his/her dreams one has to continue till the point one has a breakthrough, he said.

Mayank Jalan, Chairman & MD, Keventer Agro Limited,  talked about believing in dreams and possibilities and the power of self-belief.  “One is prone to mistakes, but one should be able to identify them in order to grow, he maintained. According to him, Bengal has great potential in terms of revenue generation; budding entrepreneurs should explore its potential to the fullest.

Dr. Anurag Batra,  Chairman and Editor-in-Chief,  BW Businessworld, “ Having attended TIEcon Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi and other cities,  I must say that the organisers have put a fantastic platform. The amount of efforts, quality of speakers, quality of audience is overwhelming. When  I started Exchange4Media, it was much ahead of its time.  But we were confident of this platform. It is now 18 years and is doing reasonably well.  So I feel doing the right thing at the right time with the right person is very important. At the same time, going through a failed attempt at some point of time is important.”

Shankaar Sen, Chairman & MD, Senco Gold, there is one guiding factor in order to be a successful entrepreneur, one should always know their customers. One has to think from the perspective of the customers in order to run a smooth business.

Over 1,000 Entrepreneurs from Kolkata & East India will network, share and learn from each other, and from over 40 eminent Global, National Entrepreneurs & Experts help us in this journey.

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