FinCradle Nurturing Talent With Experience To Make Financial Training Easy

The startup ensures that the students understand the concepts practically, not just theoretically. Students need to believe in the subject before investing their entire life into it

Right mentoring and training can help you accelerate your career, build a complete road map to achieve your career goals, and walk through the road with confidence. There are numerous candidates out there in search of a platform that can nurture their talent and mold them into individuals with stronger roots, capable of driving change. 

What is finance? In the simplest of terms, finance is the study of the management of money and how one can acquire it and multiply it. Finance is a broad, vast subject and requires one to master many courses before becoming a professional. The interest of students to pursue a career in Finance has been growing, and they are curious to understand the science behind the world economy, investments, and more. Moreover, finance jobs pay you well and you learn so much. When it comes to Finance, students are only familiar with MBA. There are a variety of courses that go unnoticed because of lack of awareness- and this is why FinCradle was born. 

“Let’s face it- knowledge is power, and the more financial knowledge you have, the better. What students lack is not the talent, but the right guidance and FinCradle aims to solve that by mentoring and training candidates for global courses of finance backed by hands-on training for practical applications of the concepts”  says Naman Jain, Co-Founder, FinCradle. 

FinCradle ensures that the students understand the concepts practically, not just theoretically. Students need to believe in the subject before investing their entire life into it. FinCradle makes sure that the students are industry-ready and can bridge the gap between what they read in books versus what they learn from faculty. 

How many times have we heard students saying “Yes, we learned that in school, but how is it helping us in the real world? FinCradle took this a little too seriously and uniquely designed the platform with live projects, internships, practical training, competitions, etc. attached to each course to help students understand how they can apply these concepts in the industry.  

Talking about how the pandemic affected the brand, Jain says that “the shifting of the infrastructure from offline to online in the early stages was a challenge, but ultimately we are glad that now we can expand to other states and not be bound by geographical barriers”.

In a short period, FinCradle has become a Premier Finance Training Provider by building a strong online platform across India that caters to self-paced learning, online learning, and classroom mode of learning. FinCradle has also been listed as the official prep provider of the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP). The platform already has 5000+ mentored students, 5000+ students’ community, 1000+ internships offered and is going strong. What started as just a one-course training platform has emerged into more than 15 courses with successful results. The firm also claims that they are collaborating with multiple schools and institutions to provide the correct guidance from the very beginning to help students draw a roadmap for their future. 

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