Express Bike Works Partners With Indian Oil Corporation Ltd to Open Its First Outlet in Mumbai

This is Express Bike Work’s first outlet at an IOCL station in Mumbai; the other one being in Bengaluru which was opened recently.

Express Bike Works (EBW), country's automated bike wash system, in association with Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) opens its first franchisee outlet at their Sahar Village petrol pump in Mumbai.

The store opening was done in the presence of Shri. Sanjeev Ralli, Dy. General Manager, Maharashtra State Office, Shri. N A Gangakhedkar, Manager (RS-NFR), Maharashtra State Office, Shri. Navin Charan, Chief Divisional Retail Sales Manager, Mumbai Divisional Office, Shri. Sunil Mishra, Manager (retail Sales), Mumbai Divisional Office, Shri. Prasad Gawade, Business Manager, COCO Sahar along with dealers and other industry people.

This is Express Bike Work’s first outlet at an IOCL station in Mumbai; the other one being in Bengaluru which was opened recently.

As a part of the launch, EBW is giving out free washes to first 50 bikers for the first two days and thereafter, free wash for people buying premium petrol from the same IOCL pump worth Rs. 200 or more. This offer will be valid till 31st December, 2016.

Sahar Village is a high density area with International airport and top five star hotel chains having their properties in the same vicinity. With this EBW gets the opportunity to expand its reach to all the bikers and two-wheeler owners who visit the station for fuel and air services.

Niraj Taksande, Co-founder, Express Bike Works says, “IOCL is the market leader in petrol pumps in India and has the largest number of stations across country. We are fortunate to be partnering with them and catering to their clients. The Sahar Village station is a high density station giving us access to a large number of two-wheeler riders.” Services available at the IOCL station will include 2-minute automated motorcycle washing, detailing, health check-up, express maintenance and on-road assistance anywhere in India.

Express Bike Works will also be launching franchisees at IOCL retail outlets and standalones, across Pune, Surat, Hyderabad, Cochin, Nagpur, Delhi, Coimbatore and Mysore in the coming year.

Shri. Sanjeev Ralli, Dy. General Manager, Maharashtra State Office says, “It is a very fast service for two wheeler owners. A wash in 2-5 mins with additional services like polish and Teflon will be appreciated by two wheeler owners. It should be expanded at more outlets so that customers can find this facility in the nearby IOCL pump.”

Shri. N A Gangakhedkar, Manager (RS-NFR),Maharashtra State Office says, “It is the need of the hour considering everybody lives in a busy world today and for everybody time is important. Everybody wants to keep their bike in best condition. Having a bike which is clean and neat in a short span of time, gives the customer more confidence to drive. So, all that put together, I think this is the best thing that can happen.”

Express Bike Works uses smart cloud based technologies to remotely monitor the operations of the centre. The technology enables them to keep a track of the number of washes that happen in a day, billing and consumables, thus making the stores self-reliant. Installation of EBW machine is as simple as plug and play and it is a mobile unit that can be installed anywhere.

The EBW machines are regularly and rigorously tested by Hero Moto Corp and other OEMs and have successfully catered to more than 2,30,000+ bikers till date.The machine is capable of washing even the dirtiest of motorcycle within 5 minutes, which is the fastest in the world. It is extremely efficient in conserving water and power and requires one-fifth of the water a conventional wash care requires. Conventional wash takes 50-60 litres while EBW takes 10litres only. Furthermore, the water is recycled for constant use until it is deemed unfit for wash care, which then can be used for gardening purpose. Also, the price to customer for a wash at EBW is equal to the amount one would spend at any local bike wash centre and that too in lesser time. EBW stores delivers touch free, scratch free, shining bikes with no waiting time to their customers along with offering them a world class bike care experience.

EBW is running successfully in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Nashik, Dhanbad, Bengaluru, Thrissur & Hubli.

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