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The author is the cofounder of India’s leading incubator, Huddle, which is supporting and growing sector agnostic startups around the country. An avid sportsperson, who has played club football in England during his teenage years, he is one of the co-owners of global sports brand, Trusox. Sanil is an angel investor with a vast portfolio of growing ventures that are focusing on emerging trends and needs. Alongside his drive to grow the sporting and startup ecosystem in India, Sachar is a national best-selling author with internationally acclaimed work across all forms of literature.

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Everybody is an Entrepreneur

If an entrepreneur is ‘someone who sets up a business,’ then how are we all entrepreneurs?

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You are an entrepreneur.

If an entrepreneur is ‘someone who sets up a business,’ then how are we all entrepreneurs?

Dissect the qualities from this definition and you’ll see. Opportunity, risk taking, leadership, vision, these are generic yet vital characteristics we all utilise one way or the other, every day of our lives.

Indeed it’s easier said than done. So either you can stop reading and continue your entrepreneurial journey or read, if and ONLY IF, you play/have played sports, have been or are in a relationship or are a parent. Only because, everyone is an entrepreneur.

Reasons to be an entrepreneur:

- Flexible work hours?
- Sole credit for success?
- Be your own boss?
- All of the above?!

(If it’s any of them, then this article will be a myth buster for you. So, here’s a second chance to turn away before the bubble bursts.)

The only flexibility needed by an entrepreneur is their ability to be adaptable and tackle problems. Yes, problems, loads of them! If you aren’t surprised at least once a day (maybe I shouldn’t sugar coat it), if you aren’t shocked once a day, then something is definitely not going right in your venture (While nobody is perfect, neither is any company. Striving for perfection is what keeps the adrenaline rushing).

Credit will come to you, just not directly. However, you will definitely be gifted the responsibility for mistakes, and that’s because of the third myth which attracts most people to be entrepreneurs, “being their own boss”. Failure will sit with you at all times. While failure is inevitable, so is success. The difference between the two isn’t only how hard you work for it but how persistent you are to achieve your goal. We are always one step away from distinguishing failure from success. Don’t let people tell you what you can’t do because they don’t know what you can do, till you do it.

The Entrepreneur (and its avatars)

The Relationship 

Your work is your partner, you have to love it. At all times! Especially when it’s not going as planned. It’s your responsibility to build it back to how you envisioned. (You’ll be sleeping alongside it and waking up to and for it, so you better be sure this is “the one”!)

Don’t take it for granted just because it’s yours. Someone somewhere will be striving for the same partner, the same work.

Be a good listener. Understand the problems, build on the strengths and cater to the needs.

Most importantly, there needs to be trust. You need to be faithful to the idea. Trust it and let it trust you because only then will you be able to build beyond belief.

The Sportsperson

Like an athlete, be resilient working towards your goal.

While the hunger to win is a must, the greed to succeed will make you go too fast and drown. Focus on your core values and master them instead of expanding your horizons too soon.

Be a disciplined team player. You can’t be the master of all (at least not immediately). Cover your position with highest honors and let your team manage their areas of expertise. This will create a sense of belonging for those who join you. Make your team members feel like owners. The difference between a spectator and being a part of the game is unparalleled.

Stay focused. Don’t get emotionally connected to your business. First comes emotions and then comes the business. Again, be relentless until you reach your goal.

The Parent

It’s your brainchild, your creation to mold, but not only yours to keep. So, instead of being the boss, treat yourself as an employee.

Plan for a sustainable and growing future, making each day count. Like a parent, build for something that will stay beyond you.

Lastly, enjoy the entrepreneur’s mantra – Fail, Fail, Fail, Succeed. Repeat.

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