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Entrepreneurial Lessons from Sakshi, Sindhu and Rio 2016

Your business is like an athlete, it needs to be kept competitively healthy and fit, It required that you have a laser like focus on the business fundamentals, major milestones, improving customer services and even minute detail of the business.

Last week, India was cheering and celebrating the success of PV Sindhu and Sakshi Malik, while PV Sindhu became the first women athlete to have won a silver medal at the Rio Olympics, and Sakshi Malik was the one to open up India’s medal count in this year olympics.  

As Entrepreneur, I think there is even more to be gained from following Olympics than the simple act of marvelling at athletics feats of strength. Personal Stories of Sindhu and Sakshi can teach us a lot more about the components that are necessary for accomplishing great feels in both sports and business.

Here are some of the components that defines the difference between success and failure for Entrepreneur. 

The Value of Mindset:

"Meri 12 Saal ki tapasva safal hui (my 12 years hard work have borne fruits). Akhil tac damage mein the medal tera hai”- Sakshi Malik.

Your mindset will determine your level of success, or lack thereof. There are times in life when things are not perfect, when problems seems to surround you. When you are going through a difficult time, you may wonder if you are making the right choices, you may wonder about how things will turn out, if you take a different road. As you look for a way, it is important to keep a positive attitude about your life and where you are going.You are a strong and motivated individual who will rise to meet the challenges that face you because you know you deserve success.

The Value of Being Focused:

I can tell you that for the last six years, we started every day at 4.30 in the morning. Not once do I remember her telling me, 'I'll come at 4.45 or 5.00'. That's her work ethic. I only have to tell her the time. If I say 6.45, she'll say okay without hesitation. That's the way she trains.” - The Coach (GopiChand)

The success is not merely about being talented, it is the function of passion dedication and laser like focus on your goals. Beyond hours of physical training, it is mental and emotional strength that makes the difference between success and failure. Entrepreneur can take a simple lesson from this: Your business is like an athlete, it needs to be kept competitively healthy and fit, It required that you have a laser like focus on the business fundamentals, major milestones, improving customer services and even minute detail of the business.

The Value of Mentorship:

"I’ve really worked hard before coming. I’ve been training hard and made so many sacrifices. Gopi sir has also sacrificed a lot. He’s been in court all throughout. Parents have also made so many sacrifices.” - PV Sindhu

There is nothing more important that having the guidance of someone who possesses skills, expertise, experiences, or perspective beyond what you currently possess.  As entrepreneur we should remember that whilst we can learn many things on our own, surrounding yourself by good coaches and advice is really the key to reaching your full potential.  

The value of Passion and Drive:

When I began, I didn’t know what the Olympic, Asian or commonwealth games were, For me its was just: I need to wrestle and get on a flight, I use to practice, hoping it would get me to sit on a plane - Sakshi

I found many people choosing business ideas based on the industry size, rather than choosing problem which the founder is passionate about,   arguing what the formula is for the perfect pitch, how long it should be or how much you should practice it. The truth is, though, unless you have passion behind your mission, others will find it insincere. Therefore it is very important to solve problems that one can relate to. Therefore Entrepreneur “Ask not what the world needs, Ask what makes you come alive,… then go do it. Because what the world need most is the people who have come alive."

The Value of Embracing Failure:

For every athlete who wins a media at the games, there are dozen who come up with empty handed and to watch their faces after an event can be heart breaking and just moving as it is to watch the winners. These are people so dedicated to their craft, their sports and their bodies that they were willing to work endless hours, sacrificing countless pleasures and endure untold physical pain. They do all of this and then they compete with their entire heart, minds and bodies on the line, no fear, just complete dedication and yet after the loss they take a fresh start in a hope that they will succeed after 4 years. 

I feel as entrepreneurs, many times we commit mistakes, we fail, we are left with no money, but its important not to give up and make a fresh start at winning the Gold.

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