Droom's Sandeep Aggarwal-led F&B Ecommerce Brand Boundless Brands Bags $2.5 M Seed Fund

Boundless Brands is incubated by Sandeep Aggarwal of Droom and ShopClues and Nagendra Shukla joined as Co-Founder and CEO

April 28th, 2023, New Delhi: Boundless Brands with a full-stack E-Commerce platform for the F&B industry along with a digital first beverage brand of its own raises $2.5mil in a seed round from marquee angel investors from USA and India. Boundless Brands is incubated by Sandeep Aggarwal of Droom and ShopClues and Nagendra Shukla joined as Co-Founder and CEO.

Boundless has built a full-stack E-Commerce platform that enables E-Commerce Site and App and all the managed E-Commerce Services including technology, catalog, digital marketing, payment, fulfillment and customer support for F&B brands that offers unparalleled advantage of deep E-Commerce expertise, economy of scale, economy of scope with easy-to-use subscription model. Boundless plans to onboard over 1,000 F&B 3rd party brands in the next two years for its full stack E-Commerce platform and services.

Also, this summer Boundless will launch dozens of beverage products with a mission to cater to the underserved beverages market for the Millennials and GenZ in India who account for more than 50% of the total $100bn F&B market. From their taste palette to how Millennials and GenZ discover, engage and consume beverages, everything is going through a rapid evolution and Boundless Brands is building their line of beverages products and their full-stack E-Commerce platform for the F&B industry to capture this paradigm shift.

Nagendra Shukla moved from Silicon Valley to India in November 2022 to run Boundless. Prior to Boundless he had spent 23 years in Silicon Valley as a two-time entrepreneur and working in technology leadership roles in, HP, Intuit and McAfee. Sandeep will continue to drive the strategy and mentor the team with no executive role at the company.

Speaking about the launch of Boundless Brands, Nagendra Shukla, Co-Founder and CEO said, “The F&B industry is a $100bn addressable market and it continues to remain in the status quo for almost a century. Now, given the demographic mix of India, adoption of technology and innovation in packaging and product development, India is ready for the disruption in F&B. We are not only building our portfolio of beverages but also offering a full-stack E-Commerce platform and managed services for the F&B industry. Building this company with Sandeep as founding mentor will help us to tap into his impeccable track record in E-Commerce and marketplaces.”

Sandeep Aggarwal said, “Nagendra and I go back nearly two decades from my time in Silicon Valley and we share common vision and values on the consumption story of India and how it can be disrupted with the use of technology, data science, reinvention of value chain and building of formidable scale. Boundless is a platform play with ecosystem of services around it and it will allow 3rd party brands in F&B to focus on their core competencies of product or brand building and led Boundless handle the E-Commerce value chain.”

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