Disrupting Sports Landscape

Digital technology is opening up unparalleled opportunities for growth in the sports industry, presenting the potential to draw fans closer through customised and innovative experiences

Technology has transfigured and will continue to reshape businesses across all industries. The sports industry, in particular, is experiencing swift disruption and digital technology is unlocking extraordinary opportunities for growth. In order to wholly capitalise on those opportunities, sports organisations will likely need a digital overhaul. ‘Doing digital’ is not enough. They will be needing to embed digital in every aspect of the business, transforming processes, technology and people. Indian Cricket Premier League is one such concept transforming the sports landscape.

About building a city-based sports franchise in Kolkata, Venky Mysore, Managing Director, Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), says, “I had two fundamental things in mind – the two pillars. The first pillar being the brand KKR and the second one being the fan base. The fan base is really the ones who passionately follow and support KKR, laugh or cry when we win or lose. In an environment where cricket is a national sport and there are bilateral series going on, executing this concept was a tedious task. For example, in the early days when Sachin Tendulkar came representing Mumbai Indians to play KKR in the Eden Gardens, the support used to be for Sachin and even now to a large extent when Chennai Super Kings comes, it’s all for Dhoni. Although, they support KKR. So the fans also took a while to embrace this concept.”

Mysore was speaking to Boria Majumdar, Founder, RevSportz at BW Disrupt 40 Under 40 Awards And Summit.

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