Digilux- Brings Home Automation Solutions in 50K-300K to Suit Interiors

Also, with some dedicated experience zones for Digilux in various cities like Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Mangalore, Mysore, Hassan, Hubli, Goa to name a few and we intend to ramp up and cover most of India over the months to come.

A startup called Digilux Automation Pvt Ltd, was founded by Padamraj K Bagrecha and team on 26th May 2016, in the home automation space. He built his venture in Bangalore, after a decade of experience as System Integrators and Turnkey solution providers in the field of Home Automation. Padmraj spoke to BWDisrupt about his business venture and the journey he has completed till now.

One of the major challenges that he faced, was the realization that the concept of smart homes has not penetrated much in the Indian market and is mostly restricted to the Metros or Tier 1 & 2 cities. There was clearly a need of awareness of such systems and spreading the know-how of using this.

He thus, built a brand that understands the difficulties of system integrator and helps overcome the shortcomings of the automation brands prevalent in the industry. Home automation systems would also reach out to a wider audience, as the world witnesses an increasing impact of IOT based services in each household.

Hence. Digilux has been designed in a way to integrate with IOT platform, with energy monitoring to data analysis of devices & feedback. In future there will be intimations of predictive upcoming problems of devices using certain mechanisms, which will help to maintain & service devices physically / remotely well in advance.

Digilux consists of Touch Based Switch Control System with Remote, Gateway for Smart Phone Control, IR & RS232 Controllers for 3rd party devices control, RGB Controller, Energy Monitoring and Apps for a smart living. Available in HA Profile, (as per the worldwide standards) which lets you integrate the product with any existing or new controllers as well. It works within a wide power range hence can incorporated in different power conditions.

The control panel is available in 4 & 8 modules, with On/ Off Controls, dimming Controls, Scenario Controls, Fan Control, Master On/ Off Controls, Last status Memory recall functionality. The lights, dimmers, fan, motorized curtains can be operated using the panel, or a remote or the simple mobile application available on Android and iOS platform with ease. Also you can integrate all your IR devices or your RGB lights to be controlled using the apps.

It is a cost effective, retrofit solution, which can be installed even in existing homes without any hassles or additional wiring. An entire home can be automated within a price bracket of INR 50,000 to 3 Lakhs, which is almost 1/5 th the cost of existing solutions. Digilux comes with a Front Facia and cover plates which can be customized to suit your home interiors.

Digilux is a bootstrapped startup, and have not reached out to VC’s for funding, which definitely doesn’t rule out future plans of reaching out the market in the near future. The team of this startup is currently working with some major builders, who have automated more that 1000 plus builder homes and individual houses across the country.

Also, with some dedicated experience zones for Digilux in various cities like Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Mangalore, Mysore, Hassan, Hubli, Goa to name a few and we intend to ramp up and cover most of India over the months to come.

Digilux, being the OEM is not directly involved with sales of the product.Dimension Digital Controlls Pvt ltd is our authorized partner to market the product internationally and PAN India.

A lot of companies already exist in the domain of home automation and general public have a lot of options out there in the market, but considering the robust features of our product, the design aspects, the robustness of the product and the cost effectiveness, Digilux is gaining a lot of positive response from the market, and people are preferring to install Digilux over other complex products available.

With the increase of awareness in today’s world, the forecast is that in the next 24-60 months, there would be a surge in the demand of home automation products across the world, wherein it might just become a default feature in every builder's apartment and even in existing homes.

Therefore, there is immense potential in the demand for Digilux going up over the next few months, as people would want to have luxury at their finger tips at an affordable price, and such home automation systems will not be available to a restricted elite of the society.

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