Current Geopolitical Situation Has Further Worsen The Supply Chain: Keku Gazder

Keku Gazder, MD and CEO, Aviapro Logistic Services said that supply chain plays a very important role in business, it's non-negotiable and a potential deal breaker

The geo-political disruptions have raised alarm everywhere in the world, supply chain sector is no exception. Inflation in countries is at all-time high which has led to a very serious discussion among countries to develop a smooth supply chain.

Keku Gazder, MD and CEO, Aviapro Logistic Services stated that the logistics sector has been undergoing visible disruption over the last 4-5 years. In order to complicate this further the current geo-political situation has impacted with the increase in product cost, product shortages and major trade lane disruptions.

"Supply chain plays a very important role in our business, it's non-negotiable and it's a potential deal breaker," Gazder added.

"Logistics providers have also been slow to adopt new technology. While the rest of the world adopts cloud technologies to help them to break down silos and integrate communications. Companies continue to use traditional applications, and tools, managing orders and shipping goods," said Keku Gazder.

On India's growing contribution to the global supply chain, he said that the day before yesterday I read that one of the latest initiatives in the supply chain movement was getting Apple to open its new factory in Hoshur(India) where more than 60,000 people are going to be employed. Clearly, showing how not just production but supply chain towards that production is gaining traction in our country.

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