CureBay Is Building Healthcare Ecosystem For Underserved

“It’s a myth that they only want free services. People in rural India are willing to pay the right price for high-quality health services,” CureBay’s founder believes

In India, the healthcare delivery model is skewed towards solving the healthcare challenges of urban India. Rural India remains largely underserved and patients in remote locations are left with options of either to visit ‘informal providers’ or to travel for access to better healthcare.

CureBay is trying to solve the problem through an innovative healthcare delivery model. It has a hybrid approach wherein it aggregates the hyperlocal physical healthcare ecosystem such as doctors, pharmacies, diagnostic centres, and hospitals and helps them deliver their services through a network of microsatellite centres called e-clinics that act as physical touchpoints to provide assisted healthcare.

When a patient walks into our centre, they are first assisted by trained healthcare workers such as certified nursing staff and pharmacist and then connect them with the right doctor for a video consultation. Post consultation, the e-prescription is picked up by the platform and the patients have an option of ordering the medicines and lab tests which are all done and delivered at our centre.

CureBay is a tech-enabled hybrid model that fulfils around 80 per cent of basic healthcare requirements for rural and underserved India. It is an intelligent tech platform, where it ensures that patients get access to high quality and affordable healthcare without the need to travel to cities.

Its disruptive delivery model leverages both tech and a network of microsatellite centres enables to make their services available to people in remote locations. “We believe in being the one-stop-shop for all healthcare needs, not only in Tier2/3 but beyond Taluks and Blocks and solving for the last mile. From appointments to medicine delivery, to addressing the diagnostic needs of the patients, CureBay believes in delivering quality healthcare consultation and assistance,” Priyadarshi Mohapatra, Founder, CureBay adds.

The model is largely based on ‘dignity of care’ that brings high quality yet affordable healthcare to remote locations. The company is funded through a network of angels and is based on revenue sharing with service providers. 

It opened its first clinic in mid-November 2021 and have opened five since then. In this short period, over 500 customers have availed services at CureBay e-clinics.

As he describes, the response has been overwhelming as people are coming back for more services. They never had access to such high-quality healthcare facilities earlier so they are majorly benefiting from our initiative.

Looking at expansion and growth, the company is doing a pilot in Odisha and the next twelve months, it plans to launch over fifty e-clinics in Odisha itself. 

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