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Diyana Manova is Co-founder / CEO of IT World, which is a Global Marketplace for IT hiring and project outsourcing. Through my work and out of passion I have massive exposure to startups from all across Europe and India. I enjoy sharing ideas and best practices on how to build the human side of a successful startup.

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Crowdsourcing Recruitment Marketplace IT World to Close 2016 with 5000+ Interviews in India

The marketplace onboards tens of agencies every month and internally ranks them based on their performance. The agencies with the highest score and demonstrating multiple closures of positions on the marketplace often benefit from exclusive positions.

IT World came to India in 2014 with quite an interesting and unique business model that has shaken the recruitment industry within the startups community in a big way. By using the marketplace, which is a technology platform, startups do not have to worry about their tech hiring anymore. The marketplace is an intelligent platform and can deliver at least 10 times faster than a regular recruitment agency, no matter how established that agency is. At IT World they call this: “the power of the crowd”, which is a new phenomenon in the recruitment branch. Through the marketplace companies hire faster, more efficiently and most importantly the platform eliminates a lot of the time-consuming tasks such as scheduling interviews through emails and calls, duplication checks of CVs and pending feedback tracking. It replaces the old-fashioned Excel sheets, multiple offline maps, Google Drive sheets and data entry activities of the Recruiters.

When the two sister co-founders of IT World came to India in 2014 they had no idea whether the business model will take off in the way they expected. However, with the fast growth of the startup community and sky rocketing need to hire the best techie guys, the model really picked up big time. In less than a year and a half the company has extended its Client base to 60+ funded startups and R&D centers of US and European companies, mainly in Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai.

12 months and 5000+ interviews in niche skills

“It picked up so well, that we hit one of our important milestones: 5000 interviews of niche IT professionals across the 3 cities in 12 months. We support only the hiring in the following skills: Programmers, Mobile Developers, Big Data, Analytics, Cloud and Scrum Masters. Our success has been great because of the laser focus on these skills, not only understanding the CVs of the candidates but also being able to guide vendor Recruitment Agencies on sourcing the right type of profiles.

We already have 5% of the IT guys in those 10 skills. If 2017 turns to be as favorable as 2016 was, then we expect to at least double this number and become the leader in the hiring for these skills” says Slavina Manova, co-founder and Head of Delivery, currently managing the Delivery setup in Bangalore.

What is your outlook on the hiring for 2017? Bears or Bulls will rule?

Though VC funding among startups has slowed down dramatically in comparison to last and early this year, we remain bullish on the hiring among the startups”. Yes, we are not expecting that our Clients will be ramping up their hiring in such big numbers, but we do expect that they will keep their focus on the quality of those hires. And that’s where we can add massive value”. says Diyana Manova, co- founder and CEO of IT World

She also expects that the skills in high demand in 2017 will remain the Programmers, Mobile Developers, Cloud Engineers, Data Scientists and Data Analysts. These same skills are in massive shortage in Europe and in the highest demand in the USA. These are also the skills with the fastest growing salary.

India is following the trend of the West and will remain hot on the hiring of these niche skills, where IT World has already established quite a strong network of niche recruitment partners to deliver within 24 to 48 hours their first batch of shortlisted candidates.

How would this work for startups?

Once a startups signup with the marketplace they can share FREE of charge an unlimited amount of active jobs for which they are hiring. The more urgently they need to fill in those positions, the more effective the marketplace is, says Slavina Manova.

A startup doesn’t have to think about contracts, commercials they need to pay recruitment agencies, scheduling of interviews, selling the job opening to potential candidates and most important of all headhunting the right march candidates for their job. This all is done by the marketplace. Once the company is part of the marketplace and posts its job openings, these job openings are curated / validated by the back end team of IT World and then shared with the recruitment agencies that are experts in the hiring for that skill.

The marketplace onboards tens of agencies every month and internally ranks them based on their performance. The agencies with the highest score and demonstrating multiple closures of positions on the marketplace often benefit from exclusive positions. Clients of the platform benefit from a 1 Stop Solution for their tech hiring.

“People are the most important P of a company. If I was an investor, I would make sure my startups are investing wisely in their hiring and most importantly that at any point of time we can have some analytics to enable our decision making. We offer all that, at no additional cost,” Says Diyana Manova.

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