Advertisement integrates with Zoom to launch Z+

The Z+ platform allows real-time monitoring & data analytics of both students and teachers

The, a complete virtual classroom that allows teachers and students to connect from the comfort of their homes has launched Z+ as an integration with Zoom.

With the ongoing pandemic, the need for video conferencing is becoming a new normal but quite challenging for educators and students. Most schools have switched to Zoom as a tool for having online classes. However, Zoom and other similar video conferencing solutions have been designed for corporate and are a great business application. This is where steps in. It super changes Zoom and turns it into a robust virtual classroom and complete education delivery platform.

The newly launched service prepares teachers material, hosts secure live sessions, records automatic attendance, conducts online assignments all from this single platform. Tailored to the requirement of students and teachers, the software has added important features that synchronizes with the demands of educators and students in real-time.

Z+ Features Details

Timetable Scheduler: It provides teachers with an opportunity to schedule timetables for students, including duration of lectures, subjects, and as well as the timings of classes.

Secured classrooms with access to only pre-registered students: Z+ makes it convenient for teachers to organize secure sessions where only those students can join who have registered before the class. Thus, prohibiting students to join the class who have not pre-registered.

Automatic Attendance: It offers automatic attendance so that educators do not have to separately mark the attendance of each student. It gets automatically recorded when a student joins the class.

Recorded Lectures & Study material for students: It provides access to recorded lectures as well as study material for students on demand.

Integrated assignments: It allows students to study and learn at the cozy ambience of their home and submit integrated assignments online, making them more academically oriented.

Real-time reporting and analytics: Z+ has a feature which allows management to do the analytics of their students and all the activities that are happening.

Speaking about this integration of the, Mr. Vipul Sobti, Business Head of Unthinkable Solutions LLP, said, “We believe that blended learning is the way forward and this crisis has accelerated the adoption. Our deep tech expertise, knowledge of schools’ needs, and security and privacy certifications helped expand the scope of our initial project and launch of Z+. 

It is a dynamic platform that has been painstakingly designed, keeping in mind the requirements of educational institutions. We expect that in the months and years ahead, as more students than ever before expecting to learn from home, this integration will emerge as a strong venture to the educators and learners. Finally, administrators now have a platform to run their schools completely virtually and drive quality online education for their students”

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