Check Out 5 Growing Indian Startups That Are Looking For Seed Round Of Funding

GarageHub is a marketplace for all the major garages, where a user can request an appointment for his vehicle service and related issues.

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The initial capital raised by a company is typically called “seed” funding. Startup companies need to purchase equipment, rent offices, and hire staff. More importantly, they need to grow. In almost every case they will require outside capital to do these things. Here is a list of 5 Indian Startups that are doing pretty well and looking for seed round of funding for their growth purpose.

Chai Kaapi

Indore-based Chai Kaapi is a Food and Beverage retail store that has plans of opening up in different parts of India starting with Indore. The startup’s main goal is to sell Chai and Kaapi (Coffee) to everybody on one platform. Chai Kaapi is made out as an adaptive structure. It was born with an initiative to bring in a corporate structure to organise the unorganised and unhygienic structure of Chai and Kaapi selling in India.

Chai Kaapi as an idea began with a bunch of friends who were enthusiastic and proactive about starting a venture in the F&B space. With no prior background in this field, the founders have been motivated to do something different and exceptional, so they launched corporate office canteen and made Chai kaapi operational before its Flagship stores.

Founded by Athar Ali Nagpurwala, Suyash Singh Thakur and Sahil Juneja in 2016, the startup’s main priority is to establish outlets and to deliver the authentic taste of ‘Chai’ from north And ‘Kaapi’ from south on a PAN India basis. The plan is prepared to open 51000 Stores Globally and hold majority share in the Food & Beverage Market.

The startup plans to raise Rs. 25 crore in seed round of funding that will allow “Chai Kaapi” to successfully open and expand.

50% of the Indian population eats at least 8 times in a month in a Quick Service Restaurant (QSR). Leisure and hangout is a common habit among youth. Chai Kaapi caters to such segment with a destination which serves both Tea(Chai) & Coffee(Kaapi), and pocket friendly eatable options. QSR industry in India has a CAGR of 25%. The existing market size is of Rs. 8,500 crores.


Founded in February 2016 by Neel Shah & Kunjan Shah, Ahmedabad-based HOBBYCOOK is The Home Food Market that aims to give a platform to passionate food makers at home to showcase their skills and earn money. On the other hand, people from various ethnicity and backgrounds staying in Ahmedabad, away from home, can relish healthy, hygienic, homemade food. HOBBYCOOK is a hybrid between the dabbawalas and the traditional-aunty-tiffin and would like to be bring in quality, technology, reliability, flexibility and credibility in this domain.

Currently the startup is focusing on lunch (meals) and a few select areas of Ahmedabad. It aims to become AMUL for #UrbanIndianWomen and create multiple self-employment opportunities for as many people as possible. You can also consider HOBBYCOOK as a modern-day incubator that provides not training & funding but sales and marketing support to its incubates (the home chefs).

It is a non-binding platform for customers where they order whenever they want. Also, everyday, you can select your chef and the meal. So the company empower you to select what to eat matching your need, budget, interest.

The startup has 20+ HomeChefs, 200+ registered users, 50+ Daily Meals, 20+ Subscriptions (Advance Payment), 2/3 Repeat Customers and generating revenue of Rs 2,000 per user per month. The company is also planning to raise seed round of funding for their growth and expansion.


GarageHub is a marketplace for all the major garages, where a user can request an appointment for his vehicle service and related issues. On the other hand, Service Providers can accept or rescheduled an appointment. Which assures a transparent & hassle-free service booking experience on your fingertips at your convenience. Be it a Car or Bike, the startup has solution for all your vehicle service/repair requirement.

Services Offered –

- Standard Vehicle Service
- Auto SPA (Washing & detailing)
- Repair and Paint Job
- Roadside Assistance, 24x7 Standard Service
- Tune-ups and maintenance.
- Services At Door Step – Auto SPA (Car Wash, Detailing and Bike Servicing).

How it Works:

1. Select a job as per your requirement and your added vehicle on the app and pick a trusted service provider around you based on their profiles and reviews, compare labor charges/servicing charges (excluding spares & materials).
2. Send request to a services provider through the app.
3. Get reliable estimates for the selected service.
4. A trusted service provider will send a representative to pick your vehicle or will ask you to drop it to the service station depending on the rush at the service center as per the appointment schedule.
5. Track your vehicle service live on the app.
6. Get the final bill.
Pay secure and easily Online or opt to pay COD

GarageHub Beta Launched in May this year, currently it is aggregating Service Providers first in Pune on its Platform and giving training to them. The startup has 100+ Customers and 50+ Trusted and quality service providers in the network. Also, the company made Strategic Alliance with Mahindra First Choice, Policybazaar and Zoomcar.

GarageHub was founded by Saurabh Laddha and Rohan Kher. The startup is looking to raise seed round of funding for expanding their services.

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Ahmedabad-based was founded by Tejash Mehta and Dhaval Shah. It is a home beauty services app. provides quality at home beauty services with great discount. It provides standardized and predictable experience each time. advantages over Spa/Salons and freelance beautyticians

1. Qualified and Trained Staff
2. Each staff member goes through detailed background verification check before getting employed
3. Live Tracking of Staff on our system for staff and customers safety
4. staff comes with own KIT ( consist of branded and safe beauty products ) so customers need not to worry about anything

The startup is receiving over 1100 booking per month for Home Services with an average ticket size of Rs. 1100. Its app which is available for Android users, has more than 9K downloads. The company is growing at 60% MoM and having around 68K unique visitors, out of which 65% are repeat customers.

Empower Labs

Empower Labs is an Augmented Reality Gaming Technology Company based out of Hyderabad, India. Empower Labs is bringing disruptive innovation in the mobile gaming space and is creating a totally new genre in the world of mobile gaming using Augmented Reality tech. Their flagship product ‘DELTA T’ is Indian MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) in the AR mobile gaming space.

Delta T blurs the lines between reality and the virtual world with addictive gameplay, in-depth plot and real-world interaction. Delta T game teaser video went viral on social media with over 3 million views and received global media coverage from leading newspapers like Huffington Post, Yahoo News and Daily Mail UK to name a few.

The company was founded by Krishna Milan Rao, Karthik Chandra Isola and Nelvin Joseph in February 2015.

Reports estimate that Augmented Reality mobile gaming apps will reach 420 million downloads by 2019. The MMO games market is estimated to grow to $12.8 Billion by 2017 from $11.6 Billion in 2015 according to Juniper research and Empower Labs is very well positioned to ride this wave.

The Empower Labs team has partnered with the creative team of internationally acclaimed movie - 'Baahubali' for visual creatives and are creating a tech ecosystem for Augmented Reality Mobile gaming.

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