CII (IWN) First National Conclave on Women in Leadership Urge Organisations to Accelerate Inclusion of Women at the Work Place

The purpose of this conclave is to enable women to breakout of their comfort zones and understand the 5E’s of leadership and take charge as leaders in their respective workplace.

The first National Conclave in Hyderabad organized by CII (Indian Women Network) & Women Empowerment on Women in Leadership: The 5SE’s –Enable, Excel, Exceed, Energise and Empower women leadership took off on a solid note with speakers emphasizing the point about gender diversity and be a model society by valuing, fostering, and leveraging diversity and inclusion to drive innovation, leadership and business growth. The purpose of this conclave is to enable women to breakout of their comfort zones and understand the 5E’s of leadership and take charge as leaders in their respective workplace.

The conclave began with Suchitra K Ella, Chairwoman, CII IWN & Women Empowerment, National Committee 2016-18, Co-Founder & Joint Managing Director, Bharat Biotech International speaking about IWN journey and what were its significant achievements over the last 6 years and its commitment to empower women across societies. 

“The need of the hour is women leadership across the world,” Suchitra Ella, said in her address. She said it is even more significant as increasing numbers of young girls and women are pursuing high education and entering the work force in the government, industry, academics, services, consulting and more. Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Southern Region launched the Indian Women Network (IWN) in January 2013 at Chennai, today it has grown to mark its presence in 14 states, 1 Union Territory & 5 zones nationally. 

The highlight at the conclave was the presence of High powered couples who took the center stage who spoke about the empowered women Pinky Reddy & Sanjay Reddy, Ch.Kiran & Sailaja Kiron & Ch. Kiron, Anu Sriram & Sriram Subramanya and Suchitra and Krishna Ella. Other power speakers included Hari Kumar, Managing Partner, Deloitte, Uma Sudhir, Executive Editor, NDTV, Dr. Pranathi Reddy, Clinical Director, Rainbow Group of Hospitals, Sivapriya Balagopal, Head-new Product Development, R&D Division, Eastern Group of Companies.

We measure words, not letters. Female chauvinist and I don’t mind if I am quoted. Ch. Kiron in his address said. He added” 50% of our workforce in our nation is not being utilized which is very important for the economic growth of our nation.

Sanjay Reddy, Vice Chairman, GVK Industries and Pinky Reddy, Promoter Director GVK Industries in their address said “Parents make a lot of impact on children. To be able to help as much as possible to help.” 

Unless the society says we are equal to each other, the change won't occur says BVR Mohan Reddy, Founder and Executive Chairman, Cyient in his address about ‘winning with women’. While it is important to emphasis on diversity in women in the organization, it is also very important to consider the quality. His stated “if you have the talent you will grow.” 

In her address, Sailaja Kiron said women must aim to wipe away the Leadership ambition gap – we must ourselves to ask for a leadership role. Citing, she was the first member in first member in the family to get a Mercedez Benz . This was a result of following the principle of hard hard work and the I got the reward for achieving what was set out for me in my business.She added, while it is ideal to get to do what you love, please, do accept what comes your way quoting example of how she stepped into chit fund business despite the fact she was not very proficient in math. 

Experts at the conclave emphasised women must take advantage of the opportunities that come their way. They said the glass ceiling is in your mind. Don’t be conscious of your gender, be conscious and confident of your capabilities. Develop life skills through continuous learning to succeed.

CII IWN works actively in educating , engaging, encouraging and empowering women as the essential tools towards enabling women to become achievers in their respective areas. The organisation also launched an equal opportunity pledge for its members in 2018 with a guiding principle to go beyond compliance and make the workforce in organisation more inclusive.

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