Bird Group Introduces Launderette – Laundry Service on Mobile

When the ecosystem is burgeoning with innovative solutions, addressing real challenges driven by entrepreneurs and funded by investors, the in-house innovation lab of Bird Group led by Dr. Ankur Bhatia, Executive Director, has ventured into a lifestyle garment care mobile app – Launderette, wired to help customers place orders, make payments and track pick-up and deliveries.

Bird Group Introduces Launderette – Laundry Service on Mobile
Ankur Bhatia, Execitive Director, Bird Group

Services that help manage time, consuming daily chores, are becoming a necessity. One of the service introduced under the portfolio of SaaS, web and app products by Bird Group is Launderette, where users can access best-in-class laundry accessible on and downloadable app for iPhone and Android devices. We speak to Dr. Ankur Bhatia, Executive Director, Bird Group, in detail:

Tell us about Laundrette. What is the USP of Laundrette?

Launderette is a tech-enabled, on-demand laundry service. We work with local 5-Star hotel partners to offer high-end garment care services delivered at customer’s doorstep within one of the shortest turnaround period in the industry. What sets us apart from traditional laundry and dry-cleaning service providers is the flexibility and transparency offered to customers with the ability to track and modify their orders with a simple tap on their smartphones. Additionally, we offer the ease of pick-up and delivery services to locations of our customer’s choice. Unlike other players in the market, Launderette is setting a new benchmark in garment care with advance technology that is environment-friendly.

At Launderette, we partner with 5-star hotels with the best laundry facilities, equipped with imported machinery, safe and eco-friendly detergents and trained staff; and help them monetize their excess laundry capacity while providing an exceptional laundry experience to the customer. Customers can access these exclusive 5-star services at prices that are at par with the prices charged by traditional laundry and dry-cleaning providers. Additionally, the mobile app is wired to help customers place orders, make payments and track pick-up and deliveries.

How do you perceive this product in Indian lifestyle?

The new Indian customer is an avid contributor to the “On-Demand” ecosystem that has been created by the food-ordering, movie-ticket booking and taxi hailing apps - customers are now accustomed to instant services in just a few taps. Customers no longer have to drive to the nearby market and drop-off their garments, and yet again drive to the market to collect them. With the push of a button, our Launderette executive will collect the customers’ garments, service them and have them delivered to their doorstep. Since the clothes will be serviced at five-star hotel facilities boasting of globally advanced garment care technologies, customers can be assured that their most precious suits and couture attires will receive the best care available in the market. This service doesn’t command a five-star hotel price, making it an affordable luxury with prices in line with traditional dry-cleaners in upmarket.

What kind of market are you looking to cater?

Launderette can be used by all who currently work with traditional dry-cleaners, as our prices do not restrict our services to only a segment of the market.

What are your biggest challenges?

At present Launderette is available in South and Central Delhi as well as Gurgaon. The orders are currently being serviced at the Roseate House, as a result we can only cater to a limited catchment area. Once the laundry facility at Roseate House reaches capacity, we will sign up other hotels in Delhi-NCR and begin servicing other areas in NCR, before expanding operations to other cities. We are working towards creating a model wherein we will be able to service a larger catchment area with minimum logistic.

India is a country of domestic helpers. Who would use your service?

While domestic help can launder clothes, there is a difference in the quality of laundry services provided by 5-star hotels, which can be attributed to the quality of ingredients, training, machinery and cleaning tools and techniques. Additionally, domestic help cannot perform specialized steam-ironing services and dry-cleaning services.

Any upcoming trend in the housekeeping industry?

The use of technology, eco-friendly detergents and biodegradable packaging is being used extensively abroad, but not so much in India. We are bringing these best-practices to the country with Launderette. Additionally, the concept of aggregating excess laundry capacity at five-star hotels and distributing it using technology is an innovative concept.

How do you plan to promote this app?

We will be collaborating with various hotels, and offering the service in multiple cities. The prime focus will be on digital marketing, leveraging the precision of technology and location driven marketing with a strong support by traditional offline marketing channels.

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