Bangaluru’s ‘back2basics’ Brings Organic Greens Farm to Fork

This company now runs through a website, 40 independent organic stores, retail chains, delivers to various Bangalore based corporate houses, exports to Europe and Singapore.

As Indians are becoming more health conscious and the awareness about effects of the harmful chemicals, pesticides and fertilizers is growing, the market for organic food products is witnessing a surge. Bengaluru, the IT hub of the country, has also seen an increase in the consumers of organic vegetables. People having lesser time to spend in the gym or other physical activities, they are hence switching to healthy eating habits.

This is when players like back2basics come in, who have dedicated their entire focus in providing people with the best of organic produce. We might be happy with what we have but a minor jolt at times, can make us realize what destiny has in store for us. Such is the story of S.Madhusudhan, a Bangalorean and true Kannadiga at heart, who in his late fifties accidentally met with his new way of life.

About the Entrepreneur –‘Life had other plans for me’

Not so long back, Srinivasan Madhusudhan worked in the corporate industry, for about 27-30 years in India and abroad. He is a marketing and advertising veteran, who gave up his lucrative career after he realized his responsibility towards society.

Previously, working with the Manipal Group and Airtel, he handled very senior positions in these companies. His life can be described as a one with all the comforts and luxuries but due to an unexpected medical ailment he couldn’t continue with such a taxing job. On the doctor’s advice he decided to pursue his interest in plants and farming.

Madhusudhan tried to study agriculture via a six months diploma course methodically but the bookish knowledge he received was barely enough to help him pass, let alone his dream of becoming a farmer. So, he took to the internet and trained himself through Google, Wikipedia and Youtube. He said, “It took me four years but I understood that agriculture is all about forecasting. I also learnt that our methods of agriculture here in India need to be more scientific.”

About the Startup- ‘Scientific Agriculture’

Finally, he thought about beginning it all by himself and started kitchen gardening on his 30x40 acre of land. His fresh produce of greens went on to be so good that his neighbors liked to borrow it too. Slowly, his friends proposed leasing out their land to him for organic farming.

Therefore, he formally launched his startup one and half year ago, in January 2015 with the name ‘back2basics’. The firm works towards providing farm fresh greens to you on the same day of harvesting. The whole aim of this concept is to eliminate the middlemen and practice of change of hands.

Madhusudhan shed light on the misconception of a layman about organic farming being a costly affair. He said, “It certainly needs patience and planning but it is not as difficult as it looks. All we do is put 24,000 litres of gobar slurry per acre of land and let the soil to replenish for the initial two years.”

Firm ‘back2basics’ has become one of the leading firm in Bangalore supplying organic greens at a very nominal price.This company now runs through a website, 40 independent organic stores, retail chains, delivers to various Bangalore based corporate houses, exports to Europe and Singapore. They have very recently begun local home deliveries of the farm fresh produce. Today, he works on more than 200 acres of land, partly owned and partly leased.

Madhusudhan also credits the success in his business to his employee farmers who have a ‘green thumb’ and to his only daughter Bhairavi. The daughter who is a Business School graduate from the USA, felt this opportunity was big enough to quit her job in a private equity firm in Germany. She said, “I believe Indian agriculture needs forecasters and strategists more than any enterprise does.”

Organic and Experiential Farming – ‘Seeing is believing’

• This startup is fulfilling over 200 orders a day with 60 per cent repeat customers.
• It deals in more than 90 varieties of seasonal produce in four cateogaries – fruits, vegetables, greens, exotics.
• The differential feature with this firm is that you could even visit the farms and see for yourself. A piece of land of almost 3-4 acres has been reserved for this purpose and try your hand out in agriculture.
• The fruits and vegetables that are supplied to the clients are harvested the same day from 1:30 a.m. which is why the greens delivered at your door step are called farm fresh.
• The produce is 100% organic and cheap at the same time. Whole sellers and retailers are who supply at market rate cannot compete with the price of ‘back2basics’. As the owner himself is the producer and supplier, there exists full authority over the supply chain. Customized orders can also be taken care of.
• The producer has full control over the color, texture of the greens. Therefore, it is healthier and tastier. Feedback from clients has been overwhelming as the quality and price is unmatchable.

Future plans- ‘Awareness and Implementation’

 The owner of ‘back2basics’, S. Madhusudhan plans to expand his business idea in various other cities and states in India but is currently working on the scalability and efficiency options of the organic business.

 He is also working with the local Gram Panchayat and delivers sessions with his farmers to enhance awareness about the ways of replenishing the soil and water resource.

 As of now he is concentrating on how ‘back2basics’ can help to grow the stagnant farming market and introduce the concept of zero-waste farming.

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