Baggit Eyes Expansion Plans In Tier-II Towns

In an interview with BW Businessworld, Nina Lekhi, MD & Chief Design Curator, Baggit talks about the expansion plans in tier-II towns and the launch of a premium range

With 47 exclusive stores and retail through leading 1000+ large format stores, multi-brand outlets and online retailers, Baggit now has its presence in 90+ cities. In an interview with BW Businessworld, Nina Lekhi, MD & Chief Design Curator, Baggit talks about the expansion plans in tier-II towns and the launch of a premium range.

Baggit has been a class apart for the local and middle-class segment. How have you achieved a mark in this? Are you planning to take it to the premium/luxury level?
Our core USP lies in being an eco-friendly brand with a wide range of vegan products. This has helped us to create a special niche for Baggit in the hearts of our consumer. Our products are high on fashion and also great in terms of functionality thus making us one of the favourite bag brands of Indian consumers. After rigorous research on the buying and selling patterns over the years, Baggit is today catering to the upper middle class & the Indian youth through the online channels.

We have launched a premium range of product portfolio under the name of Nina Lekhi, one of the collection “Rusted Revolution” which uses vintage elements like rusted metal with eco-friendly and recyclable materials, such as suede, cane and denim. Laser cut work and dangling chains further up the rustic appeal. 

Does the demand for your brand vary by geography?

In India, we have a kaleidoscope of consumers and the demand for the kind of bags and accessories varies from region to region. The people from the North tend to prefer bags that are premium and high in fashion, whereas people from the South are more inclined to the handbag style and functionality. We cater to these demands based on customer needs and preferences.

Tell us about the expansion plans? 
We currently have 47 exclusive Baggit stores and retail through leading 1000+ large format stores and multi-brand outlets, and other online retailers spread across different cities in India. But I wish to open a lot more outlets in each city of India, especially targeting in metros and mini metros. Though we are present in 90+ cities through brick and mortar outlets but to reach out to the last mile audiences, we are also available in the leading marketplaces of India, in addition to our own e-commerce portal We are further expanding into tier-II towns & trying to foray outside India to make Baggit an international fashion brand.

Baggit is carried by people of all ages. How do you classify your users based on demographics? 
A major part of our audience is working women who have deep pockets to spend and a high standard of living. Not only metros but also in Tier II cities women have become independent and started paying more attention to their looks and wardrobe. Today ‘Big Data’ plays an important role. So, we do regular analysis based on age, gender, location, education and more to develop product portfolio and marketing activities accordingly.

Who is your competition in the segment?
We have a strong edge over the competition as it is an Indian brand and it easily connects with the Indian user and understands their needs. We have been awarded by PETA.

The Indian bag industry segment and consumers’ attitude towards it have changed a lot over the past 12-24 months...

Over the last decade, the fashion industry has been undergoing a transitional shift. Fashion retailers are innovating to suit the latest looks and designs, as styles and trends change every moment. The handbag industry in specific has been very integral to the fashion needs of the Indian women. Today, women are multi-faceted and their fashion preferences vary at every stage. Keeping up with consumer needs and expectations, and changing fashion trends has raised the velocity of the industry to cater accordingly. We @Baggit create our handbags and accessories that cater to the individual attitude and expressions of women. These bags are also on par with the latest global trends.

Do you plan to export your product? Please share the plans?
Baggit is retailing through all channels viz large format stores, online stores, MBO’s, EBO’s and also through exports. We do export our products to a few countries. When it comes to exporting internationally, we already have tie-ups in the UK and also advance discussion for markets in Africa, Dubai.

How has the style and trend changed through the years?
Consumers today are independent, passionate about their goals and love travelling around the globe. Keeping these traits of consumers in mind and inspirations from all over the world, the style and trends see a transitional shift. The major trend that we see in bags is of different styles like the bucket bag, slings, totes, backpacks, satchels. The other trend is of vibrant hues; women prefer bright colours.

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