Avenue Growth Providing Growth Opportunities To Over 10,000 Blue Collar Workers

The platform has an app that makes you work with the biggest brands according to your area of expertise

Avenue Growth announced that almost 10,000+ delivery executives are associated with the platform, earning more than 10k a week

Finding work is a challenge; especially when you are studying and are looking for part time opportunities to make ends meet. Even if you find something, it either consumes all your time and doesn’t pay decently. And for someone who isn’t qualified enough, it’s a struggle to earn and feed themselves and their families. Ravi, a resident of UP, lost his father to COVID-19 last year. He cries and remembers the loan his father took to buy him a bike as he had to travel to college everyday. His father was the sole breadwinner, and now Ravi has to take the responsibility to keep his family going. Incidents like these that circulated like wildfire on the internet urged Avenue Growth to expand even more. Avenue Growth is a technology based platform providing earning opportunities to the people of India. Even though the platform has been active since before the pandemic, the recent circumstances urged them to expand and the platform has given more than 10,000 bikers opportunities to earn extra by working as delivery executives- part time or full time, depending on their availability.  

“We have always tried to use our platform to provide earning opportunities to the people of India, especially youngsters who aren’t too qualified and are looking for means to support their families or wanting to gain financial independence. It is great to see a person’s earning go up by 1.5x during the initial 30 days of joining the platform.  - says Rachit Mathur, Founder, Avenue Growth.

Avenue Growth has a presence in 300+ cities and is expanding everyday with more than 500 growth specialists joining the force each day. It appeals directly to the audience who are otherwise dependent on local contractors for jobs. With financial products like early salary, loans etc. on the platform, Avenue Growth is a goto place for individuals looking to earn and grow. The platform has an app that makes  you work with the biggest brands according to your area of expertise. Fresh graduates, people who have less experience, women willing to restart their careers have no barriers for applying when it comes to Avenue Growth.

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