Asymmetrique Strengthens Its Senior Leadership Team with Three New Appointments

Founded in 2008 by marketing professional Nitin Gupta, Asymmetrique is dedicated to helping clients and brands to survive and thrive in the new order of digital consumerism.

Asymmetrique, a digital-era marketing and brand solutions company, has recently made new appointments to their Senior Leadership Team (SLT). The new members are Mr. Prabhakar Jampa, Chief Experience Partner, Dr. Aneetha Kasuganti, Director – Analytics and Insights, and Mr. Shuvadeep Nag, Partner - Brand Development (Head – Kolkata Operations).

Commenting on the new appointments, Mr. Nitin Gupta, Chief Executive Partner & MD, Asymmetrique, says, "At Asymmetrique we’re on a mission to redefine the Digital Agency services landscape from a disaggregated and complicated maze cobbled together by the large Agency Networks, to the truly-integrated service offering that new-age Marketers seek. We are honored to welcome aboard these new members of the Asymmetrique team, who bring with them immense talent and depth of experience for our clients."

Prabhakar has over two decades of experience in crafting Digital Strategy, Creative, and Brand Advertising solutions for large clients. He adds the much-needed dimension of Digital Consumer and User Experience design to Asymmetrique’s service portfolio, thereby completing its creative services portfolio for digital-era clients. Dr. Aneetha is an accomplished researcher and psychologist, who brings expertise in using digital data analytics for driving real-time marketing and media strategy. Finally, Shuvadeep is an accomplished Brand Development professional who has played crucial roles helping leading Agencies with expanding and building profitable operations in new geographies. He has the mandate to now make Asymmetrique’s services available to Kolkata-based national clients who remain under-served from the standpoint of sophisticated and holistic digital providers.

With the new appointments, Asymmetrique’s now has a leadership team, that collectively brings 100 man years of experience in enabling and handling mandates from Marketers of national and international brands. This further solidifies its positioning as the most forward-looking, and truly integrated Digital Solutions Agency in India.

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