Artivatic - AI Intelligence Tool for Personalized Decision Making

As per IBM Watson, there will be $7T Cognitive economy by 2021. The Personalized decision making market is more than $200B and AI enabler market is $30 B by 2018.

Artivatic is technology enabler for startups, enterprises and developers to provide automated decision making in real time to improve cross sector intelligence, ROI, Personalized recommendation experience and automated action intelligence.

Artivatic is self implementing technology in real time without any extra development effort.

An advanced AI, NLP & computer vision inbuilt data driven Cognitive technology & cross industry connected data genome focused real time intelligence that helps enterprises to enable consumers make personalized recommendation & pro-active decisions in lifestyle (food, travel, entertainment, movie, music, fashion), Healthcare, Retail, FinTech, Ad-Tech, Telecom, Education, Sports, News, Content, Media & IoT Sector. Artivatic uses Genomic Data Science & Neuroscience to build its cutting edge technologies.

BW Disrupt interacts with Layak Singh, Founder & CEO, Artivatic and spoke to him.

How did the idea come to start and how does Artivatic work?

This Idea was evolved from our last startup called 'COGXIO'. COGXIO was an online dating platform where we were focusing on building technology to help people to connect and then make intelligence right decisions in real time like going for movie, dinner or meeting some place.

In July 2016, we closed COGXIO fully and pivoted our intelligence technology to completely B2B AI & Computer Vision Enterprise Technology Platform for enabling real time better automated decision making.

Artivatic is completely B2B Platform and have 3 products - AI as Infrastructure Platform for Developers & Startups, AI as Service Platform for Enterprises, AI as Operating System (OS) for building IOT/Smart Devices (In process)

Artivatic technology is available to used in just one click.

Who are your competitors and how are you different from them?

There are not many direct competitors in India for Artivatic. There is one in USA called 'Qloo' but that only provides second degree cross intelligence whereas Artivatic is end to end technology infrastructure powered with cross sector intelligence, 360 degree human intelligence and 16PF Psychological analysis.

Some of AI companies available like Fractal, Caryon focuses on vertical data analytics where Artivatic focused on Vertical Decision Making through Horizontal Intelligence.

Artivatic is built on cross industry intelligence data genome technology to predict, recommend, personalize, automate the decisions making on enterprises or smart devices platform for consumers. The other available product in the market are more focused on data analytics with marketing recommendation than following on cross industry intelligence focused on human intelligence. Artivatic will enable businesses to predict, personalize and recommend without even knowing the user credentials because of our own proprietary intelligent data genome. The existing products can use our technology to make their products smart & intuitive in real time.

Some of the big players like IBM Watson, Google, Microsoft, Facebook etc. provides stack to build the technologies not the products. These big players can not build 'plug-in-play' smart APIs/SDK to directly integrate with the products. Any business who need to use these technologies to build intelligence has to hire engineering team to make happen whereas Artivatic tech can be used in one click directly without worrying about database, architecture, algorithm, intelligence, scaling, automated decision, unique dashboard, and more.

Artivatic is soon launching few more products towards Healthcare side exclusively for diseases, nutrition, wellness and patient data intelligence connect in form of software & devices (IoT).

What is the funding status and monetization model?

Artivatic is completely Bootstrapped and currently raising fund for strengthening its technology & research team. Artivatic charges minimal $25 for per 5000 API calls and Pay as you go model where first 10000 API Calls are free for lifetime. For big enterprises, it charges $25000 to $250000 Per month based on the users (On premise model).

How has been the people`s response so far?

The response is awesome. We are getting huge requests for use of our products. We got 53 requests already for use/demo our products.

What are the traction details?

It has been fantastic. Though our final product is being launched next month, we already got 5 clients in education, healthcare, telecom, travel, social network, ecommerce sector. We have even got interest from Fortune 500 companies too.

The next year is going to be exciting and we aim to help more than 100 enterprises and 10000 developers.

How do you look at expansion?

Our target is to focus in Indian market for next 1 year (though our product has no geographical constraints) and then expand to USA, Singapore market. There is huge demand there. The target is to expand the technical + sales team by 50 till next year.

What are your marketing plans?

Currently we are focusing on closed network as we have good network around. Following that discussing with many businesses around to integrate our technologies. The next 6 months plan is to get 3-4 sales team to build and focus on offline marketing. Partnership Network & Commission based marketing is also in pipeline.

Also, we are connecting with accelerators, networks, online channels for providing freemium model as package to integrate with startups and businesses.

What has been the biggest learnings so far?

The biggest learning so far is to more focus on building the product first with real life cases is important while building such products. The B2C is highly spending market and that was the reason we shifted from there to B2B Model. These products building is not easy as we learnt for the past. Lots of domain understanding is needed and more technology investment.

What is the market size and opportunity?

As per IBM Watson, there will be $7T Cognitive economy by 2021. The Personalized decision making market is more than $200B and AI enabler market is $30 B by 2018.

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