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Artificial Intelligence - Redefining the Digital Nervous System of Healthcare Industry

The advancement in the healthcare market with AI is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2021.

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The hype of Artificial Intelligence is towering to reach the global market value of approximately 7,35 billion US dollars in 2018 and expected to generate 89,85 billion US dollars in 2025. The penetration of this cognitive function has almost knuckled every industry. However, AI is known narrow in executing the tasks that don’t require insightful research. The healthcare’s adoption of Artificial Intelligence is expected to outstretch all other relevant industries. 

Healthcare Industry is one of the largest industry with massive patient’s database. The advancement in the healthcare market with AI is expected to reach $6.6 billion by 2021. AI can sizeably advance healthcare by providing relevant predictions to prevent diseases, Healthcare Professionals (HCP) and clinical confidence.

Since the investment in Artificial Intelligence is persistently to thrive sky-high, commercial establishers like IBM Watson, Google’s DeepMind Technologies, Amazon’s Echo and Apple’s Siri are urging the cognitive computing in healthcare.            

Most of the data generated in healthcare are in the form of unstructured thus AI takes the crucial part to analyze the data of about 44,000,000,000,000 GB Digital Data i.e 44 Zettabytes by 2020. The Efficiency of AI in healthcare is contriving successful outcomes in various applications.

Drug Discovery and Supply Chain 

The Combination of Deep Learning and AI technologies, developing Pharmaceuticals have transfigured the rate of progressing antidotes in a much faster way. Through a Virtual Search, launched by Atomwise with the help of IBM Watson redesigned the existing medicine to treat Ebola virus which redefined the database of the molecular structure to reduce the infectivity. The combination of AI with patients creates new therapies with the biological data to outline the difference between disease friendly environment and healthy Environment.      

Early Diagnosis to Betterment the Treatment    

AI-Powered Discovery Platform has been implemented to create a massive impact on analyzing Genetics and Genomics through innovation of new computational technology based on AI. This assist doctors in analyzing the cell to provide genetic information when a DNA is altered by genetic variation. A new algorithm is on implementation process offers a complete genome sequencing through body scan to spot cancer and any kind of vascular diseases in early stages. 

Health Assistance - Virtual Nurse

Molly, a Virtual Nurse developed by a Medical Startup having an amicable presence with smiling faces and wrapped with elegant voice contrived with objectives to assist patients with monitoring the treatment in real-time prioritization and improvise the condition of the patients. Combined with AI and Machine learning, it provides end-to-end follow-up care with an immense intention on chronic diseases and Medication management. With this abrupt transformation of AI in the healthcare industry, AI-based Applications urges to assist people through contributing basic health information about the medications. 

Mining Complex Data Analysis 

This is the most tangible application of Artificial Intelligence in healthcare where the data management is muddled with tons of database. The biggest trait of AI, it can Collect the information, Normalize it, Sort out the Cardinals and be tracing its lineage. The AI’ Data Management in Healthcare Industry is revolutionizing the existing system to aggrandize the health service through mining medical reports in a precise way. This collectively generates deep insights on patient’s healthcare and creates slots to reduce the cost of cares by driving replaceable efficient resource. 

Final Thoughts

These are only the tip of an iceberg of what AI is truly capable of doing. In the words of Elon Musk, “In a few years, robots will move so fast you’ll need a ‘strobe light’ to see them”. In the healthcare industry, they will bring about a whole range of benefits. These benefits will not only make organizational bottom lines healthier but will also contribute to a better way of preventing diseases through prediction.

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