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Art of Self Motivation Despite Failures

If you read the bio sketches of successful people all over the world, then it will be seen that everyone first failed to cross the mountains to achieve the heights of success.

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Road to success is through the mountain of failures, even a kid who is learning to walk falls 10 times to take few proper steps. This is the first ever lesson that humanity took from life experiences to succeed, the perseverance to achieve a goal has led to development of human race where we have passed various ages like stone, bronze, iron etc

Cowering before failure is not the solution when you are looking to do something new, you  just need to find another new reason to stand up and fill new shades in the canvas of life. One who never stops seeking opportunities to fulfill his/her dream ever fails.

Habits to stay motivated and focused: Failing in life is a hard to put up with but not impossible to triumph over, if you become aware of the basis of your excitement/motivation, then there will be no dearth of new stirring factors in life as it only needs little introspection. Those who never tasted the bitter pill called “FAILURE”, they can never be truly triumphant in their life. One’s family is the major source of encouragement; even if you are not doing well you will still remain an important person to them.

Create a SMART goal and stick to it: To stay motivated and focused one has to create a realistic goal, which can be achieved. Devise a reminder mechanism for yourself which will always put you back on track.

You are an average of 5 people who you associate with: The key to stay motivated is the company of people you keep, if you are in right company they will never let you down and will always motivate you to help you realize your dreams.

Handhold Others to Achieve the Key Goal: Your goals will become easier from the day you decide to fulfill the organizational goals associated with others. If the company does not meet the target, then you will have to complete your team's goals and your goals will be fulfilled, if you are not getting good marks, then start teaching others, your marks will start getting better automatically.

Celebrate Success: We also need to understand the fact that if we are offended by small failures then we do need to take some time out of small successes to rejoice. The small celebrations will allow you to revive yourself and builds in positivity.

Stop Comparing Results: Path to success is different for everybody, those who compare others success with theirs are most likely to get dejected. If a marketing person starts comparing with the incentives given to sales team then he/she cannot stay contented or motivated.

Take time off: One has to take some time off for his/her daily routine and evaluate the work done to achieve their goals. The bird’s eye view approach will give a good idea on where you are heading and what needs to be done.

Go On a Learning Vacation: If you read the bio sketches of successful people all over the world, then it will be seen that everyone first failed to cross the mountains to achieve the heights of success. These books will help you to relate yourself with the successful natives and may provide a solution to your ongoing issues. A strongly recommended treatise is the Srimad Bhagwad Gita, which if perceived and treated as a “success manual” in lieu of a religious chronicle, you are likely to succeed exponentially in life the day you understand it and apply its principles in the day to day life of yours.

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