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Ritendra is currently involved in game-changing entrepreneurial activities, including being CEO and cofounder of a global testing finishing school (SALT), till recently Asia president of a leading strategy firm (Scientrix), and holding advisory positions with boards and corporations in Asia and worldwide.

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Anything Is Possible. Nothing Is Certain!

Possibilities are perhaps less about an idea, a market and customers; and more about what one can truly do with one’s self.

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Perhaps they call it serendipity!

Journeying through Life, I chanced upon this: “Anything is Possible. Nothing is Certain”.

As an entrepreneur there are some guideposts, which stay.

For me, this has been one of them.

Possibilities are perhaps less about an idea, a market and customers; and more about what one can truly do with one’s self.

Being able to envision is a start. But being able to develop a unique clarity about one’s own self is fundamental to that start.

In more ways than one, ‘Anything’ is probably an umbrella for ‘Everything’ one could aspire to achieve. And within that ‘Everything’ lies a ‘Something’ that is possibly an idea for a product and/ service that is needed by a market and its customers in a region or globally.

An entrepreneur’s confidence is what keeps one going. The more one stokes a ‘Something’, the more that ‘Something’ stokes one’s fire.

When one applies that confidence to a world of Life and Business where “Nothing is certain”, what one is left with is an innate calm to be able to take it all on, hell or high water.

At a basic level, certainty is all about events; occurring or predicted to occur. The clarity of not being able to predict is perhaps also ‘certainty’J+ of ‘not being able to predict’. And it’s OK.

As the prayer goes, we seek God’s blessings to give us the fire to change things we can, and the strength to live with those we cannot.

An entrepreneur’s Vision is often a dream that s/he aspires to live for, live with and live through.

The excitement of being involved in pursuing that dream, which metamorphoses from an abstract to one which is clear, is an experience that is humbling, for one to give and the world to take.

To be able to challenge notions, change playing fields and invent newer ones is a manifestation of our innate quest as human beings to be explorers.

And as we explore ideas and more importantly ourselves, we end up funneling all that energy to inventing a ‘Something’ for us to take to market, make it happening and over time, live a legacy for the world to cherish.  

Needless to say there is a ‘science’ of building a business. Getting the business of business right. 

And executing to it.

And then there is the ‘art’ of doing so. Being able to nurture the business, giving it all that one’s got.

Many a time, as an entrepreneur, one has the luxury of bringing in cofounder and leaders who know the ‘science’ and can bring in that expertise to building the business.

But it is the ‘art’ of an entrepreneur, fully knowing well that “Anything is Possible. Nothing is Certain”, that take the business to newer heights, helping it create the new normals.

A walk down the suburb of Koramangala in Bangalore the other day with a successful entrepreneur friend, got me to reflect on the Flipkarts and other millennial successes in the neighborhood I often call home. And the more I reflected, the more I was left convinced that maybe the difference between ‘having it’ and not ‘having it’ lies in being the artist (or not).

Bring on the canvass.

Bring on the brushes.

Bring on the colours.

Bring on ourselves.

Bring it all on!! 

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