Amidst India-Canada Row, Edtech Startups Brush Aside Projections On Negative Growth

Experts stated that around 10 to 15 per cent of students seeking admissions overseas are likely to change their preference to another country over Canada

The fresh spat ensued between India and Canada is witnessing daily lows with both countries equally critical of each other’s moves. However, the recent flashpoint of the deteriorating relations is Indian government expelling visas for Canadian citizens. As a combat move is expected from Canada, it has put at test the prospects of lakhs of Indian students. The majority students, which consider Canada the “most favourable destination” for education, are likely to have a shift of their plans.

Amidst such tiff, edtech startups have been hopeful of the situation and said that such developments will not leave a lasting impact on the choices of students. These companies have an expertise in providing credit services to students who wish to study abroad. By helping them choose their preferred universities, they also counsel and assist on optional services such as stay, hospitality and scholarship.

Ashwini Jain, Founder at Foreign Admits, said, “The current development will result in a short term impact on the choices of students. The major part of students wishful to take admission in Canadian Universities for current season might defer their choice. But we do not see a trend that will enforce exodus of students to universities of other countries.”

On the question of students that will opt to move other countries for pursuing higher education, he said that the percentage of those students will be limited between 10 to 15 per cent. Furthermore, he highlighted the immigration policies of Canada encourages best talents across the world, including India.

Along similar line, Eela Dubey, Founder at EduFund, stated that the conflict will not impact the students’ preferences in the long term. She added, “Geopolitical tensions are not predictable for businesses.” For context, as per media reports, Canada accounts for the highest number of overseas Indian students at 3,20,000. 

Sharing her opinion, Dubey said, “In the present circumstances, the entire edtech industry will have to adopt the changes. It will eventually lead the students to mobilise their resources to keep up with their dream of pursing education abroad." Moreover, She expressed optimism that the Canadian Universities will be supportive in cognising the difficulties of Indian students.

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