A Note From JUSTAP

What we want the world to know about JUSTAP, as told by Sumit Saraf and Harsh Vardhan Mahipal, cofounders of JUSTAP. "If the man known for making Pepsi famous in India sees some worth in us, then there must be something to us, right?"

A Note From JUSTAP
A Note From JUSTAP

Our company founded in 2015, is called JUSTAP™ Media. It’s an innovative, first of its kind entertainment platform. We offer a range of services like digital videos and live news updates. But it doesn’t stop there; we also have programming of sports, magazines features from the big cities to the hyper local kind.

Anything to help daily commuters to utilize their time better, feel more productive and kill the boredom while travelling. We think our biggest and unique selling point is that it’s free of charge so you’re not using you own data to enjoy ‘Kala Chashma’ and Virat Kohli slaying the opposition.

You will find that JUSTAP engages, entertains and informs you, our dear commuters, and at the same time it works with its advertisers to boost brand awareness which is customized to location and time.

When traffic gets clogged-up, honking loud, and you driver gets irate, here’s how you make time fly. You sit back, relax and immerse yourself in great entertainment with surround sound.

We also thinks it’s most opportune to remind the reader that the next you take an Uber, TABcab or an Eco Cab, you’ll most likely be enjoying the newest release, on a JUSTAP-installed screen.

Why this biz model makes sense

Now, we want to talk to our business partners. Did you know that a traveller sits in transport for an average time of 55 minutes?

Platform JUSTAP benefits all their partners - commuters get their daily dose of entertainment, cab drivers earn extra buck, brands politely reaches out to their right target group (because spamming is so 2016!) and of course, enhances the commuters’ experience not to mention jazz up the interior of the cab (I sincerely believe).

If we were asked to elaborate on the benefits for brands that partner with us, all I have to say is that JUSTAP offers captive environment and direct engagement with the audience. The reach is far better when compared to other media advertising platforms. Imagine an engaging 30 second ad video being served to a prospective customer in a cab when he is in his comfort zone minus any distractions. Also, did we forget to say that our screens will display ad content specific to time and location?

Yes we are new, but we are proving our mettle. We have been recognized in the top 25 Startups by World StartUp Expo, in the top 3 #ThePitchOff at Jaipur and top 50 of 1400 Startups by GenNext Hub. We are mentored by the Nasscom 10,000 Startups’ Warehouse and Accelerator Program along with celebrated ad guru Prahlad Kakkar.

If the man known for making Pepsi famous in India sees some worth in us, then there must be something to us, right?

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