5 reasons to transition to Electric vehicles

Reasons why this transition is a great opportunity for both the manufacturers and people.

In Today’s time, the move to electrified transportation is becoming more and more inevitable. Electric vehicles pose a very enticing choice, especially for the environment we live in and the people around us. As we continue to make progress, transportation is the next big sustainability challenge and manufacturers and people alike can play a huge role in by transitioning to electric fleet vehicles.

Let’s dive into the reasons why the transition is a great opportunity for both the manufacturers and people.

  • Cost benefits – Low Maintenance Cost

Most cars are purchased on loans, therefore the cost of ownership becomes extremely important for car owners. The day-to-day running costs and maintenance cost are significantly lower as compared to petrol or diesel vehicles. 

The average maintenance cost for an EV can be around 50% cheaper compared to regular cars as EVs are inherently more reliable than internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles due to fewer mechanical parts prone to failure and often provide better data to enable more proactive maintenance. 

  • Changeable batteries tech

This technology allows you to exchange your discharged batteries for a charged one at a charging station. While this technology is still making enroutes, whenever the mass adoption of this technology happens, electric cars will be the preferred mode of transportation for car buyers. There are brands like MG who are working on getting this future tech to our country today with cars like the MG ZS EV.

  • Smooth Driving Experience

Many EVs are designed to be comfortable and provide a much smoother drive as compared to ICE vehicles. The suspension has to be firm to carry the weight of the batteries, and the comfort to the ride complements the lack of noise. The only noise an electric motor makes is a faint whirring sound, so this means comfort is big inside the cabin. On the go, one can also charge their car through regenerative braking. 

  • Higher resale value

EVs are easy to maintain. They require no tune ups and have very few movable parts that would eventually need replacing. EVs typically offer smoother transmission and have lower wear and tear items like spark plugs, valves, muffler/tailpipe, distributor, starter, clutch, drive belts, hoses, and a catalytic converter, unlike an average ICE vehicle. EVs are also becoming extremely appealing to consumers looking to try out green mobility. As a result, they have a very good resale value too. Few like MG also offer a buyback experience.

  • Zero Emissions

Cities around the world are battling pollution and India is no exception. Given the climate challenges that the world is facing now, there will be a time when parts of the country, especially big cities, will have zero-emission zones.

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