5 Startups in Dubai You Should Get to Know

MrUsta is an online marketplace, which connects customers to their service provider, in a transparent and convenient way.

Dubai are very famous for their several reasons like round sunshine, intriguing desert, beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, shopping malls, fascinating heritage attractions and a thriving business community. Dubai receives millions of leisure and business visitors every year around the world. These visitors can benefit from a range of services and a local infrastructure that help make any trip to Dubai smooth and hassle free. We've rounded up a list of a few start ups in the city. Here is a brief description about all of them.

Startup Name- CAREEM

Founders- Magnus Olsson and Mudassir Sheikha

Founded On- Careem started operating in July 2012

Description- Careem is an app-based car booking service company in Dubai. The riders can make requests for any time or any scheduled pick-ups through the careem mobile app. As of March 2016, Careem is available in 10 countries and 25 cities across. The MENASA region with plans to develop other services and products and expand operations into additional countries in the region in the near future. The Careem has been called “the Saudi version of Uber.

Traction- Careem had secured a funding of $1.7 million in a round led by STC Ventures in 2013. This was followed over a year later with funding of $10 million led by Al Tayyar Travel Group and STC Ventures. In November 2015, Careem announced a series C investment of $60 million led by The Abraaj Group.

Startup Name- Brndstr

Founder- Simon Hudson

Founded On- July 5, 2013

Description- Brndstr has established its name among the tech industry as a seriously innovative brand. The tech geniuses at this office offer creative tech solution and then build the technology for your brand. Brndstr is a crowd-marketing platform, who connects people with their favorite brands. By joining the platform and becoming a Brndstr, people get rewarded for completing their simple tasks.

Traction- A Dubai-based startup has raised $1.6 million in new funding to help launch its software that better connects social media users and the brands they follow.

Startup Name- JadoPado

Founder- Omar Kassim

Founded On- September 1, 2010

Description- JadoPado is a marketplace where people around the world come together to buy and sell products. JadoPado lets you sell new, used and refurnished products directly to buyers. Sellers are handle their own stores including products, offers, orders and fulfilments, while making sure everything looks great.

Startup Name- Mr Usta

Founder- Ibrahim Colak

Founded In- 2014

Description-  MrUsta is an online marketplace, which connects customers to their service provider, in a transparent and convenient way. MrUsta helps to make life easier and happier for both, customers and Ustas (services providers). They are empowering customers to choose the right Usta and they are also empowering Ustas to find strong leads. They are provide Ustas at a reasonable price.

Startup Name- Nutrition Souq

Founder- Damien Brennan

Founded In- 2014

Description- A Nutrition Souq is an online fitness industry in middle east region. The company develops the ultimate online fitness marketplace on consist an online fitness store, fitness directory and fitness zone blog. It is offering support to fitness industry and professionals in the form of online app and digital marketing service

Traction- Nutrition souq is the middle east largest online retail and marketplace, had completed a funding round of more than $ 275 million, the largest financing of an e-commerce business in the Middle East.

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