5 IoT Startups You Need To Know

Yuktix is a startup based out of Bangalore providing smart sensing solutions. It is creating an IoT platform that makes sensor data collection and visualization a plug and play proposition for customers.

The internet has rapidly made a mark in our lives, almost everything we do revolves around social media or internet facilities. Keeping this in mind, The Internet Of Things (IoT) is a network which connects physical devices, vehicles, buildings by embedding them with sensors, actuators and electronics. IoT has a great impact on the economy by making many businesses digitized. The connections allow us to control and exchange data so we can control them remotely. Here are some IoT startups paving their way in India :


Founder - Vinay Nathan, Yogesh Kulkarni, Ranjit Nair

Founding Date - April 2013

Description - Altizon is the world’s first industrial internet platform company, which is focused on making the enterprise of Internet of Things ready. Its flagship platform ‘Datonis’ helps their business to build IoT products in a week by providing device connectivity kits, a device management layer, a real time, big data analytics engine and alerting and monitoring service and so on. ‘Datonis’ integrates with the IT system to provide a seamless transition between IoT device and IT sector.

Traction Details - Altizon’s Datonis services are over 106 enterprise accounts. Datonis is also connected to “things” over 31 countries. It has also running continuously since October 2013 with 0 downtime.


Founder - Shyam Vedantam

Founding Date - 2013

Description - Altiux is a product engineering, design and technology service company. They help clients to design, develop and deploy their products and give solutions for the connected world. They work with expertise in M2M, IoT, Mobility, Big data, Cloud and Analytics. They help build the products and solutions for companies in Consumer Electronics, Homes, Intelligent Building, Smart Cities and Manufacturing verticals. Their offices in Bay Area like Bangalore and Hyderabad facilitate strong sales for the offices present in US and Seoul.


Founder -
Kiran Nataraj, Swapnil Amritkar

Founding Date - June 2013

Description - Entrib is a developing shopworx. It is a real time monitoring and reporting solution to ensure congenial operation of a manufacturing shop floor. It is focusing on plastics, CNC and automotive domain, where the need of the intelligent machine is far greater. The Shopworx is based on Entrib’s IoT platform. It is enabling industry 4.0/ Digital Manufacturing and has more than 50 persons in a year of manufacturing shop floor experience and more than 100 persons in a year of IT product development experience.

Traction Details - More than $1 million saved for smart customers. More than 15% Shop-floor productivity. 10% rejections on Shop-floor. About 100 million products are monitored and more than 750 smart machines.


Founders -
Dhananjay Kulkarni and Sunil Desai

Founding Date - October 2009

Description - Maven systems pvt. ltd is an IoT/ M2M company with hardware and software platforms; which are used for automated lighting, smart metering, remote monitoring of construction and mining equipment (excavators, loaders, cranes, forklifts), diesel generators, solar panels, wind mills and logistics (vehicle fleets, school bus, asset tracking). They are experts in hardware board design, embedded applications and mobile applications. They use our skilled technology, which is wireless ( zigBee, DALI, RF, WiFi, Bluetooth, BLE, mesh algorithms, GSM), automotive (CANbus, OBD II) industrial and BMS ( Modbus, BACnet, LonWorks) and so on. It’s product in street lighting controls over 10,000 lights since 2015, smart metering monitors over 25,000 meters since 2013 and remotely monitors over 1,500 heavy equipment since 2011. Its customers are around in 19 countries and won several awards from NASSCOM, Red Herring, Texas Instruments, Vodafone and such.

Traction Details - Its smart metering deployments monitor more than 25,000 meters at various locations across India and caters to electricity meters as well as water meters. Its street lighting platform controls over 10,000 lights and reduces cost, identifies faults, and measures accurate consumption. It also serves as a backbone for wireless network for smart city deployments. Its remote monitoring platform is used to monitor over 1,500 critical equipment in hostile construction and mining environment.


Founder -
Rajeev Jha

Founding Date - 04 October 2013

Description - Yuktix is a startup based out of Bangalore providing smart sensing solutions. It is creating an IoT platform that makes sensor data collection and visualization a plug and play proposition for customers. It’s device cloud turns hardware and software convergence problems into a software problem obviating the need to deal with hardware device. They provide GSM, WiFi, Ethernet and Xbee communication options along with device and cloud software. Its platform enables customers to focus on domain problems and not spend time managing the complexities of hardware. It is creating a smart sensing platform that would make it easy to create domain solutions. They provide Weather sensing, Air pollution sensing, Indoor Air Quality and Traffic ready to deploy solutions.

Traction Details - Yuktix is currently bootstrapped. Rajeev quoted, “we’re looking to raise funds to complete our product roadmap, gain traction and ramp-up our sales.” According to markets, “Industrial IoT market by Technology, Software and Geography – Global Forecast to 2020”, the IoT market is expected to reach $151.01 billion by 2020, at a CAGR OF 8.03% between 2015 and 2020.

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