4 Companies That Provide Best Paperless Solutions In India

Businesses can benefit on time and cost; employees will feel more secure as the common tangible items would reduce, and with zero to low carbon footprint, we can secure our environment.

Going paperless not only saves cost but also makes key processes faster. The conventional print-sign-scan practice, which is a cumbersome process and consumes a lot of employee time, can be replaced easily with smart document solutions. As a matter of fact, medium and large scale enterprises from across different sectors have been adopting the same to save on both time and money. However, it is not a piece of cake to choose the right platform for going paperless. It should be robust, secure and also compliant with different norms. To go paperless effectively and in an error-free manner, you can partner with the following platforms:


Adobe Sign and Adobe Document Cloud can help your business go paperless effortlessly. Accessible via web and mobile app, Adobe Sign allows the user to sign, read and sign the documents digitally. Simply share the link of the document with the concerned person and s/he can include eSignature. With Adobe Document Cloud, you can unlock the power of digital document workflows. You can create, share and track the documents as required. It also allows you to combine Microsoft Office's power and use the best of both worlds intelligently.

MSB Docs

MSB Docs is an India-based company recognized under the Indian Government’s Start-up India Programme. It has been established to help organizations go paperless and adopt eSignature solutions. The company helps Indian businesses in breaking free from restrictive paper-based processes and embracing digital efficiency by providing document transaction solutions along with electronic & digital signatures. The company has been providing its services to Indian as well as global giants in various sectors, including life sciences, automobiles, education and manufacturing, among others. Besides, MSB Docs also offers solutions related to hybrid signature keeping in mind the native cyber/business laws.


Like MSB Doc, DocuSign is yet another popular platform that enables businesses to go paperless. The firm allows other companies to manage all contracts digitally and offers tools to perform data analytics. Established in 2003, the firm aims to allow its partners to experience business agility and growth by automating the paper processes. The company offers varied products which businesses can avail as per the requirement. Their product can be easily integrated with other tech platforms such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Google, SAP, Oracle, etc. Also, the company offers e-signature packages under three categories – Individual, large enterprises and MSMEs.


CamScanner is an excellent mobile app available across platforms to scan a document on the go. It acts as a wonderful bridge between the business that are 100% paperless with the companies that are still working in a traditional manner. It is easy and free to install. Depending upon your usage or requirement, you can either opt for free or paid services. While free services offer limited features, the business version has some great premium features that can be super useful in routine work. The business version also enables user to make group folders and has 10 GB of cloud storage.


While the emphasis on going paperless came profoundly with the outbreak of Coronavirus but in totality, the concept is a zero-sum-game for all, including our environment. Businesses can benefit on time and cost; employees will feel more secure as the common tangible items would reduce, and with zero to low carbon footprint, we can secure our environment. So go paperless as soon as you can!

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