10 Ways to Lure More Traffic on Your Website

All your marketing ideas will go to a waste if you don’t have engaging content on your website. To make your content more interesting, include catchy headlines and make sure your content isn’t mundane.

Getting appropriate traffic on your website can be quite a pickle for startups. The Internet is full of well-established websites already; so making your mark on the web can be difficult initially. Attracting potential customers to your website is necessary for survival. Here are some ways to successfully engage your audience:

1. Publish Irresistible Content

All your marketing ideas will go to a waste if you don’t have engaging content on your website. To make your content more interesting, include catchy headlines and make sure your content isn’t mundane. Don’t stick to just old formats; change the way you put out words. Include videos, infographics, slideshows or photos with appropriate captions. Good content markets itself, so concentrate on writing according to the needs of your audience and customers. Include everything from why people should read your content to why they should stick to your website.

2. Be a Social Butterfly

Be everywhere- Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, Quora etc. Majority of the traffic comes from shared links on Facebook so make sure to create a Facebook page and build your audience by connecting with the same communities. Include tags of places or people mentioned in your post. Keep sharing your content on these platforms and also be responsive to the messages or comments you get on your posts. Another way to make connections would be to use the Facebook Graphic Search, Twitter and Google advanced search options. Tagging or tweeting to people who might be relatively more interested in your content would be easier.

3. Be Approachable

Include follow and sharing buttons on your website to every social media platform you’re on. Don’t assume that your readers will share your content; make it easier for them by adding share buttons to accrue more visitors. Add details of the author's writing the posts so people in their community connect to your website somehow. Keep marketing your website as a product, don’t bug people again and again but subtly bring it up in conversations. Connect with the startup community to create a well-knit web of networks.

4. Do Something Different

Take interviews of big people who influence the area you work in, launch new products or services on your website, tie up with another website in a barter system of marketing or write guests posts on your website. Try to indulge in innovation every once in awhile, while this attracts new viewers it will also give an exciting reason for existing viewers to stay loyal. Contact websites with more traffic to share or give a shout-out to your website. Invite influential people in your concerned industry to write for you; be connected.

5. Appealing Look to Your Website

The design of your website matters a lot, if your site isn’t a threat to the eye you might lose viewers even before you post anything. Design it according to your end goal in mind, you want to keep your visitors and keep them till the end. Include social proofs like number of visitors or testimonials of your customers. Reviews also increase your credibility towards the audience. If people aren’t reading the whole article, use bold, italic and underline features to attract attention towards important words.

6. Build Links

Comment and like posts on other websites to be a part of the web community. Show your audience that you’re a known group in the community. And don’t just sell; include blog posts on your website to create more traffic. Link suitable sites or accounts to build linkage.

7. Be Regular and Submit to Search Engines

Regularly update your website and blog. Search engines prefer showing websites with freshly brewed content; choose an easy to use web hosting service to post on the go. Once your site is complete, submit your site to search engines. Potential visitors should be able to locate your site on the web. Submit your site to big search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing; smaller ones feed from the large ones so they’ll automatically pick it up.

8. List Yourself on Web Directories

List yourself on web directories. Directories are different than search engines; they list your website by category and subject and not keywords. Many people search directories instead of search engines because they know which category they’re looking for.

9. Stay Updated with New and Upcoming Platforms

Stay updated with all new social media platforms to reach more people. You can always get initial advantage to the people who jump first on these sites. Some examples are Pinterest or Tumblr.

10. Lastly, Ask People to Follow Your Site

There is no harm in asking people to follow your site and share it for you. It increases your credibility and also helps establish friendly relationships with the users.

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