'MedTech Industry Is Projected To Reach USD 50 Billion By 2025' Harshit Rathore, Co-Founder Noccarc

Noccarc has an inhouse R&D lab where a strong and innovative team is continuously working on the design and development of highly engineered products for the MedTech industry.

Brief us about the Noccarc and how the idea came up for the startup and what are your offerings?

Noccarc is a Pune-based engineering company, currently focusing on products for MedTech industry. Noccarc began its journey in 2017 with the development of Waterless solar panel cleaning robots.

In the initial days of pandemic, Noccarc realized the need of ventilators amidst the chaotic situation in healthcare facilities across the globe. Being need of the hour back then, yet with limited supply, ventilator is a high-tech device which requires immense research and deep tech proficiency. Having expertise in electronics and automation, Noccarc team took up the challenge to develop a ventilator and soon developed a compact yet advanced ICU Ventilator with high-end features. Today, within a span of 1 year of the launch, NOCCARC V310 has an installation base of 3000+ units in government & private hospitals across the nation. It is not just the product, but also the customer experience and services like 24*7 customer support, well established servicing network with 300+ engineers and utmost commitment towards quality that has helped Noccarc achieve immense success. This has boosted the confidence of the team and also enhanced industry knowledge to come up with more critical care devices for the healthcare industry in the near future.

What makes your ventilator unique amongst your competition in the Indian medical market?

NOCCARC V310 has a highly intuitive user interface that ensures every healthcare professional including the nursing staff easily navigate through the functions of the ventilator without rigorous training.

The ICU Ventilator with value-engineered offerings like incorporation of NIV & HFNC mode are some of the features that are not available in available products at this price point.

What is the role of technology at Noccarc?

Technology is an undetachable element of Noccarc’s growth ever since the inception. Noccarc has an inhouse R&D lab where a strong and innovative team is continuously working on the design and development of highly engineered products for the MedTech industry. The product developed by Noccarc is an amalgamation of hardware, software and firmware. Experts in every domain at Noccarc contribute towards the technology that is incorporated in the end-product.

It is not just the R&D or the manufacturing plant, but Noccarc is also soon looking forward to incorporating digital solutions in its operations to make life easier for both internal as well as external stakeholders.

How is technology & innovation helping Noccarc strengthen healthcare Infrastructure? What is the way forward for technology and Innovation in Med Tech?

Noccarc is working on advanced technologies which will strengthen its products and services in the long run. With a customer focussed approach to products, Noccarc believes that digital health will drive the innovations in healthcare in the next decade.

What were the challenges you faced during inventing the ventilator amidst Covid-19?

In totality, challenges were faced in all aspects of the business, be it hiring talent, product development under limited resources, sourcing components, scaling up operations, etc. Specifically on product development, a lot of challenges were faced in procurement of critical components, for which the country is dependent on imports. With time, Noccarc has overcome many of these challenges by developing and upskilling domestic vendors to meet the needs and developing a strong global supply chain.

What is your future expansion plans? What are the market size and opportunity?

Noccarc is planning to expand its product portfolio and launch more critical care products and is further planning to expand overseas, especially the US & European markets. The global market for medical devices has been valued at USD 400 billion out of which India’s market is USD 10 billion and is projected to grow at a 37% CAGR to reach USD 50 billion by 2025

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