Bobble AI Launches #Treesfor2050 Campaign In Partnership With Robin Hood Academy

The platform pledges to plant a sapling for every #Treesfor2050 sticker share. The team at Bobble AI has initiated the distribution of saplings to its users and stakeholders.

 21st January 2021: On the occasion of  Republic Day, Bobble AI, Conversation Media Platform that offers highly engaging smartphone keyboard solutions, personalized content for users, joined hands with the volunteer-based, zero-funds organization, Robin Hood Academy and announced a unique campaign, Academy Greens – #Treesfor2050. The idea of the campaign is to instill a sense of responsibility towards the environment in the minds of people through the usage of conversational stickers.

 Robin Hood Academy, an education initiative of Robin Hood Army is empowering 7328+ street children with basic primary education, has enrolled 1792 kids in schools with the aim of being a bridge that connects the streets to schools. The aim of the organization is to plant 200,000 trees with the Academy students across various nations and create more awareness about the repercussions of cutting trees and the significance of planting saplings to secure our current and upcoming generations.

Bobble AI – known for its fun and quirky content such as Stickers, GIFs, Emojis, and Bigmojis, has created a special sticker pack for the campaign. Moved by the thought of inculcating the habit of protecting the environment, Bobble AI is going to tap the total number of #Treersfor2050 stickers shared through the Indic keyboard by its users and will then plant the same number of saplings on Republic Day.

On this collaboration, Ankit Prasad, Founder, and CEO, Bobble AI quoted, “The benefits of going green are mostly not seen immediately. Maybe that is the reason why we often overlook the need for persistent green initiatives and campaigns. We take the utmost pride in being associated with this campaign. The issue of environmental protection is of great relevance in current times especially after the COVID 19 pandemic when the world had to pay the price for being negligent and careless. We have taken this initiative to inspire companies at large and individuals, in particular, to be more mindful of the environmental issues that we are facing today. We have created a special #Treesfor2050 sticker pack for this Republic Day which is easily accessible on Bobble Indic Keyboard. These stickers would help us spread the message in two unique ways: first, with every tap, the users will become more mindful of the need to go green, and second, for every share, we will plant a tree on their behalf.”

With a message of hope and positivity, the receivers are expected to plant these saplings in their homes and spread the word for a greener India on this Republic Day.

Ambuj Ahuja, Lead Partnerships, Robin Hood Academy said, “We believe that when you plant a tree, you plant hope; A hope for a better future. We are excited to partner with Bobble AI for this noble initiative. We are looking forward to a large scale plantation through the hands of our little Robins. At Robin Hood Academy, we strongly believe in imparting this value education to our children, the future torchbearers to take matters in their own hands. We urge all the users of Bobble AI to share as many #Treesfor2050 stickers as possible so that we can spread the word about our initiative and also enable the plantation of more and more trees.”


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