Aeldra Launches Its Premium Mobile App

A first amongst U.S. challenger banks, Aldera offers a premium app to access exclusive global banking to affluent customers. With it's new service the fintech is set to add 300,000 accounts.

New Delhi, 1st December, 2020: Aeldra, a pioneer in global banking based in Silicon Valley, has launched its premium mobile banking app in India. Aeldra uniquely offers seamless U.S. banking and investment with an exclusive “digital private banking” experience. The Company is backed by leading fintech investors including Greg Kidd, an early investor in Twitter, Square, Ripple and Coinbase. The founding team is highly pedigreed with decades of experience including the launch of Goldman Sachs’ consumer bank, Marcus. Aeldra is targeting $5 billion (Rs. 37,500 crores) in deposits by 2023, and aims to be the leading global consumer bank by 2025.

With a new generation of globally affluent consumers on the rise, Aeldra is committed to bridging a sizable market gap. While big banks offer cross-border banking on the Corporate and Private Banking front, they continue to remain isolated on the consumer banking side. The lack of personalization, convenience, and responsive service often leaves customers with few options. This is where Aeldra is stepping in to give Indian citizens the ability to open a U.S. bank account from India to access personalized overseas banking and investment products, with the highest level of security and compliance.

Speaking at the launch, Sukeert Shanker, CEO at Aeldra, said, “The future of banking is global, and it is now. Aeldra is making it real. To access global banking, the simple act of opening a U.S. bank account without a Social Security Number is challenging for customers, let alone getting approved for a U.S. credit card or a loan. Globally-minded individuals from India deserve more. They can now open an FDIC-insured U.S. bank account with a Global Mastercard Debit card from India in 5 minutes on a mobile, and will soon be able to access unique global investment opportunities. Leveraging machine learning, we offer tailored products for professionals, students, families, investors, small business owners and freelancers.”

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