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Union Budget 2023: Imports of Li-ion Battery Machinery Exempted From Customs Duty

The decision will eventually decrease the price of EV mobility and increase the adoption rate across the country. Further, hike in imported automobiles customs duty will push consumers to prefer products made in India

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Union Budget 2023: SMEs Can Now Access More Documents Through DigiLocker; KYC-Related Processes Will Be More Streamlined

The move will help fintech startup across the country to broaden their services and cater a more seamless experience to the users

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Expectations Of Agritech Sector From Union Budget 2023

The Government of India (GoI) recognised the importance and potential of digital agriculture to improve the productivity and sustainability of the country's agricultural sector and launched the Digital Agriculture Mission – with a primary focus on digital infrastructure, digital extension services, digital finance and digital research and development

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A Pro-startup Sector Approach: Expectations From Union Budget 2023

The Government of India has been revolutionising the manufacturing sector, and startup economy through its efforts. By providing budgetary allocations that lead to continuation of existing schemes and expanding the horizon through new initiatives and tax benefits etc, it is possible to not only unlock greater economic output from the startups, but also boost sustainable development in the country!

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Union Budget 2023: Insights From Founders and Funders Lens

Experts share their demands and expectations, which include, but are not limited to, parity in the treatment of LTGC for listed and unlisted securities and employee-friendly ESOPs. Moreover, the article slightly touches upon the roadblocks in implementing the policies and initiatives

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