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XScale Accelerator Plans To Invest Rs 25 Cr In Year 2022: Neeraj Saxena, Founder, XScale

'The next decade will see a multifold increase in the growth of Indian startups. Many Decacorns will be created, and Indian startups will make their mark on the world stage.'

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Sensex May Touch 3,00,000 In The Future; Here’s How You Can Get The Maximum Return From The Stock Market!!

Investing in Index funds can be the best option right now. If the Sensex grows 4 to 5 times in the next 15 years, your money will also grow at the same pace without having to participate actively or giving time to select stocks.

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How Is India Preparing Itself For Sustainable Cold Chain Transportation Facilities Under The Present Market Scenario?

Conventional units which are fixed on truck need dedicated fleets making cold chain transportation unreliable or impossible for most products and package sizes in India.

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Enabling Qapital Partners With Vivriti Asset Management

The partnership aims to provide debt finance to support small enterprises and fintech, empower women entrepreneurs, and strengthen agriculture supply chains.

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