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How To Address The Challenge Of Brand Positioning Through Influencer Marketing

Brands will be relying all the more on the power of influencers and the content creators to engage with their customers and eventually to strengthen their positioning in the market

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Looking To Make Your E-Commerce Brand Profitable? Here’s What You Can Do

Brands must market themselves through advertising, performance marketing, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, and social media marketing or can avail the services of e-commerce enabler platforms to do so.

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India’s Construction Industry, Long Resistant To Tech, Now Embraces It Big Time

Technological development is gradually ruling out the hindrances in construction processes with seamless communication between the clients and the construction units.

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Leveraging Brand Equity on Social Media is Easier if You Just Pay Attention to Data Analytics

Data is the currency of the age we live in and the enormous amounts of data collected for every interaction and transaction makes it a goldmine for marketers.

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Homecoming: Ragy and His $1.8 Bn Startup, Sprinklr Comes to India

21 years later he is back in India to announce that his company named Sprinklr will be open for business with Indian enterprises starting this year.

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