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How SMS is One of the Most Effective Marketing Tools, Geographically and Demographically?

According to research conducted by multiple entities including Dynmark and MobileSQUARED, about 99% of all SMSes are read by the recipient.

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Why SMS Should be on Top of Your Check List While Finalizing Your Marketing Budget This Festive Season?

While December is a golden goose for US and UK markets, India witnesses record breaking sales in the month of October and November. Regardless, as marketers and entrepreneurs, we all need to up our game ahead of the festive season.

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Building Your Brand Over an SMS

Furthermore, as per the white paper published by Oxygen8, SMS messages have an open-rate of 98%, hence giving brands the intimate communication they desire with the customers. It gets more interesting, since 90% of these opened messages are read within 90 seconds to 3 minutes of receiving the same.

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