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Using Blockchain Technology To Revolutionize Cyber Security And Promote Transparency In Business

Blockchain is a public ledger made up of a sequence of blocks, which maintains a full history of past transactions within the network – activities in any organization can be improved using blockchain technology.

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Invested Over $13 Billion In Teams, Tech Since 2016 On Prioritising User Safety And Security: Facebook

The social media giant noted that its “advanced AI” has helped block 3 billion fake accounts in the first half of this year.

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How Fintech Advancements Are Shaping Digital Legacy Planning In India

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a true wake-up call for many of us to face the hard reality of our mortality and do something about our digital assets. Security of these assets also becomes a major concern.

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The Future Of Smart Home Accessories

The future’s homes will be equipped enough to interpret various needs based on biometrics, like body temperatures, fingerprints and even our heartbeat! Talk about being scientifically crazy!

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Security for the Internet of Threats

Another problematic insecurity is the network that IoT data travels over. In addition to vulnerabilities in the device, malicious elements can reach your system through insecure networks. However, as technology progresses rapidly, end-to-end security is not keeping pace.

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Internet of Things Security - Are You Failing To Prepare?

IoT devices should be identified and managed alongside regular IT asset inventories

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