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How to scale your D2C business: 4 tips for young entrepreneurs

In a fast-paced world, where food adulteration, air-quality depletion, mental stress, depression, and more are a reality, these young millennials are looking for wholesome nutrition and holistic living solutions. The need of the hour is to not just bridge that needs gap by creating targeted offerings but also create accessibility

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VANS Group Invests In E-commerce Firm Ourbetterplanet

The investment in Ourbetterplanet is a part of VANS Group’s strategy to invest in tech-enabled scalable start-ups in the space of e-commerce, edutech, fintech, food tech, and mobility

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Anjali Goyal, "Baby Product Market Seeing Rapid Growth; Reached $500 M in 2016-17"

Today, Anjali is the founder of, an online portal which allows parents to sell their children’s used stuff be it toys, clothes, beds, bed bunks, gifts or just anything about kids at a reduced price.

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Licious: The Company Plans to Take its Value Offerings to NCR by Q4 2016 (Jan - March).

With Licious being the first branded high quality meat and seafood tech start-up, there was initial hesitation among the consumers to move from an offline to an online market.

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Yappily Predicts Social Aided Commerce Business to be a $100 Billion Market in the Next 5 years

We help 500+ unique sellers online and another 500+ unique sellers offline through our platform, while helps them display 5,00,000+ products for our buyers across the spectrum.

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