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Using Blockchain Technology To Revolutionize Cyber Security And Promote Transparency In Business

Blockchain is a public ledger made up of a sequence of blocks, which maintains a full history of past transactions within the network – activities in any organization can be improved using blockchain technology.

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Whatsapp Sues Indian Government Over Privacy Issues

WhatsApp is the first large tech player to mount a legal challenge against the government, in addition to multiple small players who had raised an objection previously. This case has the potential to be the biggest privacy case in India since the 2017 right to privacy judgment.

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'Made in India' : Samsung's Rolls Out Privacy App on Select Handsets

"The AltZLife feature will be available to the existing as well as new users of Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 through a software update on August 10, 2020," Samsung said in a statement.

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Remember When You Said ‘I agree’?

Remember the last time you downloaded a new app or opened a new website. You saw a button saying 'I agree' or some other variant of it. What did you do?

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