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Job Crisis: Time To Get Up And Smell Coffee

The Great Indian Economy is booming, say the number crunchers. They tell us it is the fastest growing economy in the world.

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COWE Organizes “Womennovator Series 3” Event to Understand the Growth of Indian Economy

Womennovator series 3 was planned to bring together people from different streams on a common platform to discuss comprehensive issues relating to Entrepreneurship in India.

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After Effects of Demonetization – What It Means for the Indian Economy

Though there is a unanimous agreement that the execution and preparedness for the demonetization process could have been much better, one has to accept that the PM had given an opportunity to prepare for this eventuality and laid out a road map including the announcement of the Jan Dhan Yojana scheme and the Income Declaration Scheme.

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Report: India Among Top M&A Markets in Emerging Asia

“Evolving business environment means greater opportunities but also greater risks for potential investors”, says global business risk assessing company, Kroll.

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