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The Hidden Challenges Of Health Startups

While trust and confidence is at the core of the issues, there is something more to it, which is way more challenging for the start ups. Have a look at the hidden challenges health startups have been facing for years

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Apps & Websites Which are Keeping Us Healthy & Fulfilling All Our Medical Needs

Indian healthcare market, which is worth $100 Bn, is likely to grow at 23% CAGR to reach $280 Bn by 2020, as per a Deloitte 2016 report.

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Practo Brings the Entire Healthcare Ecosystem on One Tech Enabled Platform

Healthcare, is a massive problem to solve. If you look at the consumer side, the problems are considerable – there is lack of information about the provider, about the treatment, about the options as well as lack of accurate health history creates significant challenges in getting the right care.

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5 Apps That Ensure a Healthier You

Danvanthiri is a mobile healthcare patient friendly app designed to provide the best medical resources to users. The company’s aim is to establish Danvanthiri as a one-stop-shop offering a single window access to multiple choices on premier quality and affordable healthcare services in India.

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