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CYFIRMA Launches DeFNCE, An App For Cybersecurity

The app contains over a million data sources to bring to the user’s attention on emails and passwords which have been stolen or leaked into underground marketplaces, specific hacking campaigns planned by cybercriminals to compromise banking and other sensitive apps, and help the user ensure the device settings adhere to cyber safe security standards

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Acknowledging Data Breach, Upstox Upgrades Security Systems

internet security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia was first to reveal that data of 56 million KYC and 2.5 million users has been compromised.

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Zoom Makes Effort To Improve Its Privacy

Due to the lockdown of cities during the Covid-19 crisis, Zoom, an online video-conferencing platform, has seen a surge of users on its platforms without enabling security features

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Digital India’ Needs To Be Cybersecurity Ready

“Sometime ago, I assisted Melissa Hathaway, who was a cybersecurity advisor to Obama and Bush, in preparing a Cyber Readiness Index for India… It states that India faces a herculean task of improving upon all markers of its cyber health like national strategy, incident response, e-crime and law enforcement, information sharing, investment in R&D, diplomacy and trade, and defence crisis and response.”

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