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The Budget 2018-19 must Promote Digital Economy and Focus on Financial Inclusion

If the launch of GST was the biggest reform in the indirect taxation so far, the government is expected to introduce reforms in the direct tax code this time. Given the fragility of state finances, it’s clear that not all expectations will be met this time.

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216M People Under Financial Inclusion via Mobile Banking: Aruna Sundararajan

Mentioning that digital platforms are penetrating at every walk of Indian public life, telecom secretary said 1.2 billion people would get digital identity through the Aadhar scheme.

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Impact Investor Omidyar Network Shows Fintech must be more User Friendly

India is adopting fintech pretty fast, but it will be that much faster if digital financial solutions were easier to use, finds out Omidyar Network in their latest findings

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Demonetization: Completing the Financial Inclusion

Speaking about technology infrastructure, the ubiquitous presence of mobile phones has often been talked about. The mobile phones apart from acting as delivery mechanism for financial services (m-pesa in Kenya being a case in point) can also act as tools for identification (otp based verification being a case in point).

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