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“Digitization is all about affording convenience to customers”

Digitization can cater to consumer’s re-buying needs and make any company global as multiple geographical locations are more accessible through the use of technology

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What Are The Trends Driving Digital Adoption?

“There are a lot of new things happening in the digital education sector, but it is still a very new area and a lot remains to be explored, however, I want to give a warning to all the people who are using it, because it is very new and niche, there remains huge a possibility for exploitation.” – Nikhil Vora

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A Mumbai-Based E-Commerce Startup Is Paving Its Way During The Lockdown

In the era of e-commerce essentials, startups like Near.Store are gearing up to bring in new solutions onboard to provide a better customer experience

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How Digitisation is Changing the Face of BFSI Segment in India

With use of artificial intelligence, data analytics and block chain for risk assessment, claims management and sales, the Insurance sector is witnessing massive transformation, especially in areas of fraud control, faster on-boarding and improved consumer experience.

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Digitisation Calls for an Enhanced Risk Management Strategy

Risk management programs across all types of organizations must evolve and embrace new competencies, much faster than what has been the norm previously.

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Government Spending On Digitisation Should Be Raised: Ex-Infosys CFO

Former Infosys CFO V Balakrishnan pitched for higher spending on digitising government services to improve IT business, saying it would help bring down dependency of the domestic industry on global markets

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