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The Future Of Digital Lending: Balancing Regulation And Innovation

In a world that must quickly adapt to technology, the fintechs have taken the lead, spearheading a deep-rooted transition of the financial sector. In the process, they have brought the efficiency of services and more importantly, greater inclusion

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FinBox Launch Account Aggregator Enabled Digital Lending

The FinBox stack now integrates account aggregator information, credit bureau scores, alternate data, device data, and almost 5,000 other metrics to comprehensively assess potential borrowers.

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Biz2X Launches Loan Management “Biz2X LMS”

With Biz2X API-based LMS, banks and financial institutions can automate all their manual activities by integrating the systems to a single centralized platform.

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Diversifying Landscape Of SME Digital Lending

In an interview with BW Businessworld, Arvind Nahata, CBO & Co-founder, Decimal Technologies share his thoughts on the future of banking, financial services, cloud-based lending marketplace, fintech industry, AI and ML technologies and more. Excerpts:

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Nithin Kamath, Patanjali Somayaji And Other Fintech Founders Invested In Digital Lending Startup Kudos

Indian fintech revolution is still in its early stage and as Jio-powered digitization is touching users and businesses across industries and geographies, the opportunity to address the large need for credit is more real than ever before.

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IndiaLends Launches Contactless Digital Lending Products

As the lockdown has facilitated a new normal, IndiaLends, the online aggregator comes up with touchless products to ease customers

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