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Digital Security In The Education Sphere

Governments are creating frameworks to protect the privacy of individuals and ensure freedom of expression.

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2021 Sees Increasing And Serious Data Breach, Financial Frauds And Identity Theft From Media, Edtech And E-Retail Platforms, Shows Technisanct Research

The study also found out there is a huge demand for OTT user names and passwords since lockdown and many of the credentials belonging to Indian brands are regularly kept for sale in Telegram and similar data sharing platforms on Dark web.

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Acknowledging Data Breach, Upstox Upgrades Security Systems

internet security researcher Rajshekhar Rajaharia was first to reveal that data of 56 million KYC and 2.5 million users has been compromised.

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Bigbasket experiences a possible data breach

Cyber intelligence firm Cyble says a hacker has put data allegedly belonging to Bigbasket on sale for about Rs 30 lakh in a cyber crime market. The e-grocer says customer confidentiality is priority and it does not store any financial data.

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Yahoo to Pay $50M to Victims of 2013 and 2014 Data Breach

The parent company, Verizon, will pay half the settlement cost while Altaba, the remaining part of Yahoo will pay the other half

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Facebook Hit with Another Data Breach, 3M Users Exposed

The amount of legal cases and dollar amounts of those, especially when GDPR law comes into effect, are potentially too high even for Facebook to handle

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