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Capillary Technologies Acquires Persuade

Capillary’s enterprise-ready AI-powered SaaS platform drives consistent business growth and establishes enduring brand relationships with 500M+ customers across multiple industries including apparel & fashion, luxury & lifestyle, food & beverage, supermarkets, hospitality, retail, and consumer goods and durables

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Some Indian Startups Make a Fine Union Between Brand Relevance and Customer Loyalty

A brand must be useful to as many consumers as possible; if it isn’t, then it must change business model to be more useful, relevant [and indispensable]

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Customer Loyalty In Today's Retail World

The attraction is in the rewarding nature of loyalty which empowers customers through enriching experiences and also allows them to monetize their purchases by way of receiving 'loyalty points', an alternate tangible currency that can be used to shop and re-engage

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