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Can Tech-Enabled Construction Companies Become A Solution To India’s Housing Demand?

Tech-enabled construction companies can become one of the logical solutions to meet the gigantic demand because integrating technology helps to deliver projects at a stipulated schedule.

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Architectural Service Start-up Makemyhouse launches its android app

The application will provide a better user interface so that the users can have access to various Architectural and interior design ideas for their homes

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Assystem Acquires A 99% Stake In STUP

The infrastructure sector has become one of the biggest focus areas for the Government of India. An amount of Rs. 111 lakh crore (US$ 1.4 trillion) has been allocated under the National Infrastructure Pipeline for FY 2019-25 whilst the energy sector is expected to account for 24% of capital expenditure over FY 2019-251.

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Heritage’ Is Now A ‘Venture

People are thrilled to explore the authentic traditions, under the banner of cuisine, art, architecture, textile and much more in the travel & tourism sector.

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