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NationalTechDay2022: Technology As Epicentre For Startups

On this National Technology Day as a mark, this story digs deeper as to how technology suddenly became so prominent and made its position so strong? Is it taking the industry right way? Is it dividing the nation into two by creating a tech handicap gap?

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Leveraging Adtech In Ecommerce Segment

In the days and times of multi-pronged approach through integrated campaigns, AdTech plays a big role to help e-commerce businesses effectively and efficiently manage their communication to generate higher output and better outcomes

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Vyoma Media Rises from the Hells of Adtech

Ten years ago investors expected the digital signage industry to be the next gold rush; they were all wrong.

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Billion Blogs Launches Influencer Platform with Eye on Billion Dollar Valuation in 3 Years

The team says they have been rated the fastest growing product in the marketing technology space by Nasscom and Ficci.

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Ex Google & Microsoft Execs Raise $3M from Mousse Partners & Montane Ventures for 'Mavin'

Large corps like Google and Microsoft applauds new product, ‘Mavin Motion’ which helps app engagement by harnessing real time events

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7th Edition of ad:tech: New Delhi Concludes as Biggest Ever Till Now

The second day of the action packed digital marketing event saw keynote from Gautam Sinha, Times Internet on ‘Re-inventing digital engagement’ followed by Rob Norman, GroupM who engaged the audience with a dynamic session on ‘Facebook and Google duopoly and the challengers to that’.

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